Xuaijing Liu, Prof. Dr. Center for Agricultural Resources Research, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Address: 286 Huaizhong Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei 050021, China




Research Areas

mainly interested in integrate management of salt affected soils, high efficient utilization of saline water and saline soil resources, plant ecophysiology of salt and drought tolerance and crop production with high yield and good quality.


1988,Bachelor,Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology;

1991, Master, China Agricultural University;

2006, PhD, Tokyo University of Agriculture


Work Experience

1995.12 to present  Center for Agricultural Resources Research, IGDB, CAS

1994.7-1995. 12  Mississippi State University, Visiting Scholar

1991.7-1994.7    Shijiazhuang Institute of Agricultural Modernization, CAS

Teaching Experience

Soil resources

Saline ecosystem



(1) Impacts of long-term jujube tree/winter wheat-summer maize intercropping on soil fertility and economic efficiency -A case study in the lower North China Plain, European Journal of Agronomy, 2016, 第 3 作者
(2) Infiltration of meltwater from frozen saline water located on the soil can result in reclamation of a coastal saline soil, Irrigation Science, 2015, 通讯作者
(3) Effect of partial defoliation on the growth, ion relations and photosynthesis of lycium chinense mill. under salt stress, Archives of biological science, 2015, 通讯作者
(4) Dose-Dependent Effects of Coronatine on Cotton Seedling Growth Under Salt Stress, J Plant Growth Regul, 2015, 通讯作者
(5) Dynamics of meltwater quality and quantity during saline ice meltingand its effects on the infiltration and desalinization of coastal salinesoils, Agricultural Water Management, 2014, 通讯作者
(6) Differential salt tolerance in seedlings derived from dimorphic seeds of Atriplex centralasiatica: from physiology to molecular analysis., Planta, 2011, 通讯作者
(7) Effect of cold stratification, scarification and hormones on germination of dimorphic seeds of Atriplex centralasiatica under saline conditions., Seed Sci. Technol, 2011, 第 2 作者
(8) Nitric Oxide Is Associated with Long-Term Zinc Tolerance in Solanum nigrum., Plant Physiology, 2010, 通讯作者



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