Shuangjiang Liu  Male Ph. D., Professor 

Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Telephone: 86-10-64807423
Address: NO.1 Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101
Postcode: 100101

Research Areas

Microbial metabolism, regulation and chemotaxis mechanism to hard-degraded organic pollutants.

Microbial populations and material transformation in specific regional environments.

Synthetic biology of shikimic acid synthesis and metabolism. 


1995:   18th international training course in Glycobiology and Glycotechnology. 

Sponsored by Asian Molecular Biology Organization at Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Sciences

1987---1991:   Tsinghua University, Department of Environmental Engineering; 

Ph.D. Applied Microbiology

1984---1987:   Zhejiang University, Department of Environmental Science; 
M.A. Agricultural Microbiology

1980---1984:   Hebei University, Department of Biology; 
B.S. Microbial Biochemistry


2011---Present  《Applied and Environmental Microbiology》 Editor

2009---Present  《Archives of Microbiology》                   Associate editor

2005---Present  《Microbes and Environments》              Associate editor

Work Experience

2001---Present: Principle  Investigator  and  director of  Environmental Microbiology/Biotechnology Research Center, Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Vice president of the Academic Committee of Institute of Microbiology;one of the associate editors of the international journal Microbes and Environments.

1998---2001 & 1995---1996:  Postdoctor and guest scientist at Institute of Microbiology, University of Muenster, Germany

1997---1998:    Postdoctor at Dept. of Biology, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, USA

1996---1997:    AIST fellow at National Institute of Bioscience and Human-technology (currently National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), Tsukuba, Japan

1991--- 1995:   Assistant and Associate (after 1993) Professor at Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Teaching Experience

Microbial ecology, 

Microbial chemotaxis and Ecotoxicology

Honors & Distinctions

2010  National outstanding scientific and technical workers

Research Interests

Including investigation of microbial degradation of organic compounds, microbial chemotaxis, synthetic biology concerning shikimate pathway, understandings of biological sulfur cycling under thermoacidiphilic conditions, and microbial diversities in natural and polluted environments.


October 17-21 2016, Degradation and chemotactic response to aromatic compounds with Comamonas testosteroni, China-Germany symposium on Microbial chemotaxis and Bioremediation of Environmental pollutants   Beijing China, Organizer

September 26-30 2016, Physiology and genetics of aromatic compound assimilation with Comamonas testosteroni Cold Spring Harbor Asia: Microbiology and the Environment Suzhou China, Invited Speaker



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