Lingli Liu 


State Key Laboratory of Vegetation and Environmental Change, 

Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Research Areas

Dr. Lingli Liu is a professor and a principle investigator at the State Key Laboratory of Vegetation and Environmental Change, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IBCAS).  Her research interests focus on understanding how individual and multiple global change drivers such as climate changes and air pollution affect  biogeochemical cycles of plants and soils. She received the National Natural Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Scholar in 2015, and the National Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars in 2021. Dr. Liu serves as an associate chief editor for Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology, and editor for Ecology Letters, Global Change Biology and Journal of Plant Ecology.


  • 2007  Ph.D. in Forestry, North Carolina State University, USA

  • 2002   M.S. in Ecology, Peking University, China                 

  • 1999   B.S. in Environmental Science, Nanjing University, China,


Work Experience

​2011-present   Professor,  Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

2007-2011  ORISE Postdoctoral Fellow, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 

Teaching Experience

Global change ecology (2015- 2018 fall semester)

Professional service

  • Associate Chief Editor: Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology (2014-present)

  • Editorial advisory board: Global Change Biology (2020-present) 

  • Editor: Ecology Letter (2015-present) 

  • Editor: Journal of Plant Ecology (2009-present) 

  • Member of Board Committee: The Ecological Society of Beijing (2013-present)

  • Member of Board Committee: Plant Ecology Section, The Botanical Society of China (2013-present) 

  • Secretary: Asian ecology section, The Ecological Society of America  (2010-2013) 

  • Reviewer of manuscripts for Nature Climate Change;Ecology Letters; Ecology; Global Change Biology;Soil Biology and Biochemistry; Biogeoscience; Plant and Soil, Atmospheric Pollution; Environmental Pollution; Scientific Report; European Journal of Forest Research; Forestry; Journal of Plant Ecology.


Lab members are underlined 


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