Lian Li (李炼)

Professor ("100-talent program")

Institute of Computing Technology

Chinese Academy of Sciences

lianli @  ict dot ac dot cn 

Research Areas

My research focuses on program analysis techniques. I am currently leading the program analysis research group at the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Our group aims to develop new program analysis techniques and tools, to help improve software reliability and security. We have developed a new program analysis tool Wukong, which can detect deepl software errors involving complex inter-procedural dependences via pointers and references. Wukong supports program languages including C/C++, Java, and has detected hundreds of deep errors and potential vulnerabilities from popular open source applications including Google Chromium, Bash, Sed, Hadoop, etc. More than 100 bugs have already been confirmed by the original developers. Our research has been published in top conferences including SOSP、FSE、ASE、and CGO. 


2003-03--2007-08   University of New South Wales, Australia  Ph.D in Computer Science

                                Ph.D Thesis “ScratchPad Management for Static Data Aggregates", advised by Professor Jingling Xue

1993-09--1998-06   Tsinghua University  Bachelor in Engineering Physiscs

Work Experience

2015-04~ , Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences,  Professor (100-talent program)

2011-06~2015-03, Oracle Labs, Australia,  Principal member of technical staff

2008-06~2011-06, Sun Microsystems Laboratories, Senior Member of Technical Staff 

2007-09~2008-05,University of New South Wales, Australia, PostDoc



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周卿  博士研究生  081201-计算机系统结构  

陆杰  博士研究生  081201-计算机系统结构  

王科峰  硕士研究生  085211-计算机技术  

何冬杰  硕士研究生  081201-计算机系统结构  

张馨元  硕士研究生  081201-计算机系统结构  

郑恒杰  硕士研究生  081202-计算机软件与理论  


袁挺  博士研究生  081201-计算机系统结构  

孟海宁  博士研究生  081202-计算机软件与理论  

刘晨  博士研究生  081202-计算机软件与理论  

李广威  博士研究生  081202-计算机软件与理论  

李昊峰  博士研究生  081202-计算机软件与理论  

陈宇翔  博士研究生  081202-计算机软件与理论  

黄永恒  硕士研究生  081202-计算机软件与理论