A-Li Luo  Prof.
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Address: National Astronomical Observatories 
Postcode: 100101 

Research Areas

Astronomical Data Processing, Spectral Analysis, and Dada Mining  


·      1991: Bachelor of Engineering in Department of EE in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China.
·       1998: Masters of Engineering in Department of EE in Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China.
·       2001: Doctoral of Astronomy in National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC),  Beijing,  China.  


Chief of the Data department of LAMOST 

Journal Publication (as corresponding author in recent 5 years)

35. "Properties of Radial Velocities Measurement Based on LAMOST-II Medium-resolution Spectroscopic Observations"

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31 "Recognition of M-type stars in the unclassified spectra of LAMOST DR5 using a hash-learning method", 

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International conference papers (in recent 5 years)

5."Spectra with Hα emission lines from LAMOST Galactic Survey",Luo, A.-L.; Hou, W.; Ip, W.-H.; Chang, H.-Y,2018, ASPC, 513, 229

4. "LAMOST staller parameters pipeline for medium resolution spectra", Luo, A.-Li; Chen, Jia-Jun; Hou, Wen; Zuo, Fang; Du, Bing; Song, Yi-Han; Kong, Xiao; Wang, Rui; Lu, Yan; Zhao, Yong-Heng, 2018,SPIE,10707E,2BL

3. "Sky Subtraction on Bright Night for LAMOST, Song, Y.; Bai, Z.; Luo, A.; Zhao, Y.2017, ASPC, 512,265 2

2.“Data Minging in big data set of spectroscopic surveys”, Luo A.-Li,2015,  IAUGA, 2257956

1. “Data reduction and calibration for LAMOST survey”, Luo, Ali; Zhang, Jiannan; Chen, Jianjun; Song, Yihan; Wu, Yue; Bai, Zhongrui; Wang, Fengfei; Du, Bing; Zhang, Haotong, 2014, IAUS, 298, 428


[2004.9–2004.12]  ESO Paranal observatory, research on the control and data processing of VLT;

[2005.10-2006·4]  Paris Observatory (Meudon, France), CNRS-KC WONG Post-doc Fellowship

[2006.7–2006.9]   Hamburger University, research on metal poor stars;

[2007.2 -2007.4]   Michigan State University, research on the stellar parameter pipeline of SDSS;

[2007.9–2007.10]  Hamburger University, research on on metal poor stars;

[2008.6-2008.7]    Heidburg University, research on the evolution of the Galaxy;

[2009.10-2009.12]  Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, research on the calibration of spectra data;

[2018.12-2019.12]   University of Delaware, research on atmospheric modelling and stellar parameters of M dwarfs