Kaiyou Wang, PhD, Professor, Director of State Key Laboratory for Superlattices &Microstructure, obtained his PhD in 2005 at School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Nottingham. He worked as a researcher assistant from March to the end of May/2005 in University of Nottingham. He then worked as a researcher in Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory from June/2005 to the end of March/2009. During his stay in UK, he visited twice Institute of Physics, Poland (Jan/2003-Mar./2003 & Oct./2003-Dec./2003) and worked as a visiting professor in Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen (Sept/2007-Oct./2007). He joined Institute of Semiconductors in CAS as a member of "100 talent program"; In 2012, he has been awarded the "National Outstanding Youth foundation"from NSFC. In 2014, he has been slected as the excellence of "100 talent program" final assessment. 

  He has co-author published more than 100 articles in Journals and conferences proceedings of international circulations (cited more than 3800 times).  He has been selected as an "International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Young Author Award" in 27th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductor, 2004. He also has been awarded the "best Chinese overseas PhD student Award"; 2005. Currently he is the editor on board for "Chinese Physics B" ,"Journal of Physics" and "Progress in Condensed Matter Physics'. Also he is a regular referee for the top physics journals.
His current research interests include: (1) spintronic devices ; (2)
nano​ devices based on low dimensional materials.

Telephone: 010-82304622
Address: A35 Qinghua East Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P. R. China 
Postcode: 100083

Research Areas

(1) spintronic devices ; 
(2) nano devices based on low dimensional materials.

We have all the nano-fabrication facilities ( including optical lithography, electron beam lithography, and ion beam etching etc.) . We also have Magnetron sputtering, atomic layer deposition, and thermal CVD system.

For device investigation facilities:
Two Magnetotransport systems with ( one 1.8K<T<320K, H<12Tesla; and the other one with rotating field with 4K-300K, H <0.6Tesla) ; One room temperature probe system;
One Magneto-Kerr Microscopy system (both longitudinal and Polar Kerr image system) which allow us observed the domian images; One spacial resolved photo-current system with temperature (10K-300K, wavelength from 390nm to 2400nm); One AFM/MFM system.


PhD School of Physcis & Astronomy, University of Nottingham 2001 to 2005
Nottingham, NG7 2RD, United Kingdom
Research topic: Magnetic semiconductors 

MSc Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 1998 to 2001
Hefei, Anhui, P. R. China, 230031
Research topic: Colossal Magnetoresistance 

BSc Physics Department, Anhui University 1993 to 1997
Hefei, Anhui, P. R. China, 23003
Subject: Applied Physics


Work Experience
Institue of Semiconductors,Beijing April/2009-Present
(Spintronic devices ; spin and electron transport in low dimensional system)  Professor 

Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory June/2005 to Mar./2009
Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge (Researcher)

Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen Sept/2007 to Oct/2007
(Carbon Nanotube Spintronics) (Visiting Professor) 

Institute of Physics, Poland 1/2003 to 3/2003 and 10/2003 to 12/2003
Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw,
(Magnetic Semiconductor) (Visiting researcher) 

Institute of Solid State Physics, P. R. China 7/1997 to 8/1998
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei
(High Temperature Superconductor) (Research assistant)

Honors & Distinctions

National Outstanding Youth Foundation (2013-2016)

Chinese Academy of Sciences “100 talent program” (2009-2012)

(IUPAP)Young Author Best Paper Award (ICPS-27 2004 USA)

2004 Best Chinese Overseas PhD Student Award



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Research Interests

1)Spintronic Devices:

Electrical control the ferromagnetism; Spin injection and detection; and Current control the Domain wall motion etc..

2)Spin and Electron transport in low dimensional system:

Spin and electron transport in carbon nanotube and graphene nano-devices;
Spin and electron transport in other new low dimensional devices


We have strong collaborations with national and international leading research groups



李炎勇  硕士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

李媛媛  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

曹玉飞  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

张昊  硕士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

骆文刚  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

魏冠男  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

蔡凯明  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

张楠  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

闫法光  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

张保  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

李予才  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

魏侠  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

吕全山  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

周志鹏  硕士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

邓永城  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

胡策  博士研究生  080903-微电子学与固体电子学  


李润泽  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

朱文凯  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

张晓敏  硕士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

张恩泽  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

雷坤  硕士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

李伟浩  硕士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

兰修凯  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

王子奥  博士研究生  070205-凝聚态物理  

Open positions

Our group has open positions for PhD and Postdocs who are interested in the spintronic devices and nanodevices based on layered materials.