WEN Ke, Professor

Institutes of Science and Deveopment, Chinese Academy of Sciences

School of Public Policy and Management, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

No. 15 Zhongguancun Bei Yi Tiao, Haidian District, Beijing China

Office Phone: 8610-59358529

Wechat: wenke061780

Research Areas

Innovation Management

Public Management and Social Development


Ph.D of Management Science, University of Science and Technology of China.


Work Experience

2004.6 - 2016.1,  Insitute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2016.1- now, Institutes of Science and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Teaching Experience

2016.3- now, Professor for Innovation Economics, School of Public Policy and Management, Univertsity of Chinese Academy of Sciences 




1. WEN Ke, SU Hongyu, Scott Stern. Pasteur Quadrant Goes to China: Scientific Publication and Patenting Within Chinese Academy of Sciences. China Soft Science, 2016, 11, 32-43.

2. WEN Ke, SU Hongyu, ZHOU Huadong. Collaborative innovation capability of public research institutes———empirical analysis of 101 public research institutes of China, Studies of Science of Science, 2014, 32(7): 1081-1089.

 3. WEN Ke, MAO Mengxue, SU Hongyu, YUAN Wenlong. Scientist's ambivalence of collaborating with industry and its impacts on innovation, Studies of Science of Science, 2016,34(7): 067-976.

4. PANG Jiantao,WEN Ke.  Proactive personality,job satisfaction and employee innovative behavior- An empirical study on Chinese pharmaceutical biotechnology companies, Studies of Science of Science, 2016, 34(1): 152-160.

5. WEN Ke, ZHANG Jing, SONG Qi. Research on Relationship Between Research Funding Allocation Mechanism and
Scientific Achievements: Case Study on Public Research Institutions, Studies of Science of Science and Science & Technology Management, 2013,34(4): 10-18.

Research Interests

 Innovation policy for collaboration between science and industry and science commercialization.

Impacts of Technology transfer office, Science Park, or inclubators on regional innovation performance.

 Scientist entreprenurship, and spin-offs of reserch institutes and universities.  



毛梦雪  硕士研究生  120100-管理科学与工程  

袁向明  硕士研究生  125200-公共管理  

王泓龙  硕士研究生  120100-管理科学与工程  

赵瑞娟  硕士研究生  125200-公共管理  

于贵芳  博士研究生  1201Z2-创新管理  


赵修  硕士研究生  125200-公共管理  

刘意  硕士研究生  120100-管理科学与工程  

李晨  硕士研究生  125200-公共管理  

张宁宁  硕士研究生  120204-技术经济及管理  

丁琪  硕士研究生  120100-管理科学与工程  

Honors & Distinctions

2013, LU Jiaxi Award of Youth Talents , Chinese Academy of Sciences.