Kejiang Ye

PhD, Professor, Deputy Director

Center for Cloud Computing



Kejiang Ye is currently a Professor and the Deputy Director of the Research Center for Cloud Computing, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Before joining SIAT, he was a Post Doctoral Research Associate at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), from 2014 to 2015, and was a Research Fellow at Wayne State University (WSU), from 2015 to 2016. He received his B.S and Ph.D degree both from Zhejiang University in 2008 and 2013 respectively. He was also a joint Ph.D student at The University of Sydney from 2012 to 2013. His research interests focus on the performance, energy, and reliability of Cloud Computing, Big Data and Industrial Internet. He is a member of SPEC Research Group and is also a member of IEEE, ACM, CCF and CIE.

Research Interests

Cloud Computing, Big Data, Network Systems


[1] National Key R&D Program of China, End-Edge-Cloud Interconnection Theory and Method for OT/IT Fusion, 2021.12-2024.11, PI

[2] NSFC Project, Resource Management and Optimization Methods for Multi-tier Interactive Applications in Cloud Native System, 2021.1-2024.12, PI

[3] NSFC Project, Anomaly Detection Methods for Highly Interfered Sharing Clouds, 2018.1-2020.12, PI

Selected Publications

  1. X. Jiang, K. Ye. 《DartCloud: A Cross-Domain Cloud Infrastructure Service Platform》, Science Press, 2015.

  2. K. Ye, C. Lu, S. Wang, W. Chen, G. Xu, J. Guo. Application Analysis Modeling and Intelligent Management of Cloud Native Systems, Communication of China Computer Federation, vol.16, no.6, pp.37-43, 2020. (Invited Paper)

  3. S. Luo, H. Xu, C. Lu, K. Ye, G. Xu, L. Zhang, Y. Ding, J. He, C. Xu. Characterizing Microservice Dependency and Performance: Alibaba trace analysis, ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing (SoCC), pp.412-426, 2021.(Best Paper Award!!!

  4. S. Luo, H. Xu, K. Ye, G. Xu, L. Zhang, J. He, G. Yang, C. Xu. Erms: Efficient Resource Management for Shared Microservices with SLA Guarantees, 28th ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS), 2023.

  5. S. Luo, H. Xu, C. Lu, K. Ye*, G. Xu, L. Zhang, J. He, C. Xu. An In-depth Study of Microservice Dependency and Runtime Performance, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2022. DOI: 10.1109/TPDS.2022.3174631 

  6. Y. Li, Y. Lin, Y. Wang, K. Ye*, and C. Xu. Serverless Computing: State-of-the-Art, Challenges and Opportunities, IEEE Transactions on Service Computing, 2022. DOI:10.1109/TSC.2022.3166553

  7. M. Xu, C. Song, H. Wu, S. Gill, K. Ye*, C. Xu. esDNN: Deep Neural Network based Multivariate Workload Prediction Approach in Cloud Computing Environments, ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 2022. DOI:10.1145/3524114

  8. J. Zhao, L. Zhang, K. Ye*, J. Ye, J. Zhang, F. Zhang, C. Xu. GLTC: A Metro Passenger Identification Method across AFC Data and Sparse WiFi Data, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2022. DOI: 10.1109/TITS.2022.3171332

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  11. C. Gao, S. Chu, H. Xu, M. Xu, K. Ye*, C. Xu. Flash: Joint Flow Scheduling and Congestion Control in Data Center Networks, IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, 2021. DOI:10.1109/TCC.2021.3129

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