• Zhengwei Jiang, Ph.D. Tutor,Professor,CISSP

  • School of Cyberspace Security, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Email:

  • Recruiting staff,postdoc and interns for software development  and security data analysis.

Research Areas

l  Big Data Analytics for Cyber Security

l  Suspicious Network Traffic Analysis

l  Cyber Threat Intelligence

l  Malware Analysis

l  Cyber Attack Detection and Attribution


Work Experience

l 2021.10-present      Institute of Information Engineering, CAS       Research Group Leader, Prossefor Senior Engineer

l2015.10-2021.10      Institute of Information Engineering, CAS       Research Group Leader, Senior Engineer

l 2014.7-2015.9          Beijing E-Hualu Information Technology Co., Ltd.    R&D Manager, Chief Architect of Information Security Products

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching Cyber Attack Attribution & Forensics  
  • Teaching Frontier Technologies of Cyber Detection & Analysis
  • Taught Cyber Security Risk Assessment & Emergency Response



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Research Interests

  • ​Cyber Threat Intelligence

  • Network Traffic Analysis

  • Malware Analysis

  • Cyber Security Data Mining


  1. Academic research and R&D application of ATT&CK, ATT&CK Application Development Forum, 2022.1.13

  2. ATT&CK Technology Research and Application Exploration, ATT&CK Technology and Application Forum, 2021.9.9

  3. Production and Application of Cyber Threat Knowledge Intelligence, The ninth Internet Security Conference(ISC 2021), 2021.7.29

  4. ​Research on Threat Intelligence Extraction Technology Oriented to Unstructured Text, Threat Intelligence Technology Salon, 2020.7.25

  5. Key Note Speech “Threat Intelligence Quality Evaluation Method from User Perspective” on The Fifth Internet Security Conference(ISC 2017), 2017.9.12



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骆宁  硕士研究生  083900-网络空间安全  

骆雅丽  硕士研究生  083900-网络空间安全  

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陈潇  硕士研究生  083900-网络空间安全  

马月  硕士研究生  083900-网络空间安全  

Honors & Distinctions

  1. l  Key Technologies and Applications of Hidden Attack Discovery and Source Tracing, Second Prize, Ministry Level, 2021

  2. l  Research and Application of Threat Analysis and Precision Protection Technology for Important Information System of Electric Power, Second Prize, City and Prefecture Level, 2020

  3. l  Outstanding Instructor of the 3rd Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Postgraduate Network and Information Security Technology Competition, Special Prize, City and Prefecture Level, 2019

  4. l  The Key Technology and Application of Cyber Threat Intelligence, First Prize, Research Institute Level, 2018

  5. l  Advanced Cyber Threat Monitoring System and Application, Third Prize, Ministerial Tech Awards,2017