• Mathematics Institute
    Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science Chinese Academy of Sciences
    No. 55 Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District Beijing 100190, China

Research Areas

  1. Hamiltonian Dynamics, Variational Method, Celestial Mechanics, 1st order PDE


  1. Oscillatory orbits in the Restricted Planar 4 Body Problem(joint with

    Tere Seara), arXiv:2004.12732, accepted by Nonlinearity, 2020.

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  6. Generically Mane set supports uniquely ergodic measure for residual cohomology class, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 145 (2017), 3973-3980.

  1. Suspension of the convex Billiard maps in the Lazutkin’s coordinate, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems-Series A, Pages: 2227 - 2242, Volume 37, Issue 4, April 2017.

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  3. Optimal transportation for generalized Lagrangian(joint with Ji Li), Chin. Ann. Math., Series B, 38(Issue 3), 2017, 857-868.


  • 1980s Peer Forum of Dynamic Systems, Tianyuan Mathematical Center in

    Central China, Invited speaker, (Nov, 2020).
    – Title: Parametrization of viscous solutions of time-periodic damping

    Hamiltonian systems

  • Dynamic Forum of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Invited speaker, (July, 2020).

    – Title: Convergence of viscosity solutions for generalized 1storder PDE

  • Tsinghua Sanya Conference of Differential equations and Dynamic systems,

    Invited speaker, (November, 2019).
    – Title: Oscillatory orbits in the restricted planar 4 body problem

  • Hamiltonian dynamics: from the topology to the analysis, Invited speaker, recommended by Richard Montgomery, MSRI UC berkeley, (October, 2018).

    – Title: Density of collision orbits in the restricted planar circular 3 body problem

  • Dynamic Seminar of the Universitat Polit`ecnica de Catalunya, Invited Speaker, (April 2017).

    – Title: Asymptotic density of collision orbits in the restricted circular planar 3 body problem

  • Nachdiplom Talk & Dynamical Colloquium of ITS, ETH Zurich, Speaker, (March 2017).

    – Title: On Siegel’s question and density of collisions in the Restricted Planar Circular 3 Body Problem

  • Workshop on Hamilton-Jacobi Equations at Fudan University, Shanghai, Sessional Chair, (July 2016).

  • Conference: Legacy of Vladimir Arnold, Toronto, Invited speaker, (November 2014).

    – Title: Asymptotic trajectories of the KAM torus

  • International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians, Contributive speaker,

    Taibei (July, 2013).

  • Conference on Dynamics of Differential Equations, Poster, Atlanta (March 2013).

    – Title: On the lowest flat of the αfunction

  • The 10th National Annual Conference of Doctoral Academics, Jinan, Invited

    speaker, (October 2012).
    – Title: Typical dynamics of the lowest energy surface

  • Nanjing Conference on Hamiltonian Dynamics, Contributive speaker, Nanjing (August, 2011).

    – Title: Optimal transportation for generalized Lagrangian

  • International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians, Beijing (December, 2010).