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Research Areas

Amorphous alloys with functional properties


        2014.09- today, Professor, Ningbo Institute of materials technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Science

        2013.04-2014.09, Posdoctoral fellow, University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA

        2012.11-2013.02, Visiting scholar, American University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA

        2010.11-2013.03, Postdoctoral fellow, Tohoku University, Japan

        2005.09-2010.10, PhD, Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

        2001.09-2005.07, Bachelor of physics, Northeast Normal University, Changchun

Honors & Distinctions

2012, Young Scientist Award, The 19th International Symposium of Metastable and Nanostructured Materials.

2015, On Hundred Talents Program, Chinese Academy of Science.

2016, 3315 Innovation Program, Ningbo.

2016, On Thousand Talents Program, Zhejiang Province.


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Research Interests

Amorphous alloys (also known as metallic glasses) exhibits excellent catalytic, soft magnetic, magnetocaloric and mechanical properties. Their far-from-equilibrium nature bestow amorphous alloys some special characteristics that are different from crystalline materials, such as glass transition, disordered atomic packing structure, and atomic relaxations. It has been a long-standing pursuit to explore the correlations between the functional properties and amorphous characteristics for amorphous alloys. A deep understanding of the underlying science for the correlations can help improving the functional properties of amorphous alloys and promote their applications.



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