Prof. Dr. Junping Chen
Telephone: 02134775223
Address: Nandan Road 80, Shanghai 
Postcode: 200030
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Research Areas

  • Multi-system data analysis and handling of new frequencies/data types
  • Huge GNSS network data analysis
  • Real-time GNSS data analysis 


  • 2006,6--2011,4: German Research Center for Geoscience(GFZ,Research Scientist
  • 2011.5--   Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Professor


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(2) GNSS Clock Corrections Densification at SHAO from 5 minutes to 30 seconds,SCIENCE CHINA Physics, Mechanics Astronomy,2013,第1作者
(3) GLONASS 卫星频间差对导航定位的影响,大地测量与地球动力学,2013,第2作者
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(5) Satellite- and Epoch Differenced Precise Point Positioning Based on a Regional Augmentation Network,Sensors ,2012,通讯作者
(6) Application of Inter-system Hardware Delay Bias in GPS/GLONASS PPP,China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC) 2012 Proceedings,2012,通讯作者
(7) Performance of Real-time Precise Point Positioning (PPP),Marine Geodesy,2012,第1作者
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(9) A computationally efficient approach for estimating high-rate satellite clock corrections in realtime,GPS Solutions,2011,第2作者
(10) Heterogeneous plate locking in the South–Central Chile subduction zone: Building up the next great earthquake,Earth and Planetary Science Letters,2011,第5作者
(11) GPS精密定位软件研制与应用,同济大学学报(自然科学版),2011,第2作者
(12) Network based real-time precise point positioning,Advances in Space Research,2010,第2作者

Research Interests

  • Multi-GNSS data analysis
  • GNSS Meterology
  • GNSS seismology


  • AOGS 2011, Taipei
  • Workshop on GNSS bias, Bern, Swiss
  • CSNC 2012, Guangzhou
  • AOGS 2012, SIGS workshop, University of Warmia and Mazury (UWM) Poland
  • ION 2012, USA


1998.09--2007.03 Tongji University, Bachlor, Master, Ph.D

Honors & Distinctions

IAG China Assoaciation, Board Member

Group web

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