Fengjun JIN,Professor in Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research, CAS  
Address:Room No.1513,  Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research, Datun Road No. 11, Chaoyang, Beijing

ZIP codes:100101 

Current Appointment

1.Deputy Director of Key Laboratory of Regional Sustainable Development Modeling, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2.Director of the Department of Economic Geography and Regional Studies, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Prof.Jin graduated from the Department of Geography of Peking University in 1983. His specialization is economic geography and urban planning. In 1989 he received the master degree (geography) from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and in 2006 the doctoral degree in economics from Renmin University of China. He also carried out cooperative studies in Manitoba University, Canada in 1996, University of New South Wales, Australia  in 2002, and  Harvard University in 2012.

Research Areas

Regional infrastructure system development, regional development, and regional and urban planning.

Professional Societies and Organizations

1.Vice Director, Professional Committee of Economic Geography, Geographical Society of China.

2.Vice Director, Professional Committee of Land Planning, Regional Sciences Society of China.

3.Member, Transportation Systems Engineering Society of China.

4.Committee Member, Research Committee of China Land Economics.

Honors & Distinctions

1.Experts enjoying the special government allowance of the State Council.

2.Outstanding scientific and technological achievement award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

3.The special prize for scientific and technological progress of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

4.The third prize for natural science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

5.The third prize for scientific and technological progress of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

6.The second prize for science and technology of the CAAC.


Prof.Jin has published more than 170 papers and more than 10 works. Some representative works and papers are as follows:


1. Fengjun Jin, Infrastructure and Socio-economic Spatial Organization(in Chinese), Beijing:Science Press, 2012.

2. Fengjun Jin, Spatial Organization of Human Society  and Spatial Welfare, Beijing:Science Press, 2013.

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