Luguang Jiang, Associate Professor, Supervisor for Graduate Students and Postdocs

Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research,
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Address: 11A, Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Telephone: 86-10-64889467 (Office)
Postcode: 100101

Research Areas

Water Resources, Land Cover Change, Ecosystem Service and Management


Ph.D., Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 2006
M.S., School of Population, Resources and Environment, Shandong Normal University, Jinan, 2003
B.S., Department of Geography, Qufu Normal University, Qufu, 2000


Associate Professor, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGSNRR, CAS) (Jun.2009-now)
Deputy Director, Division of Water and Land Resources, IGSNRR, CAS (Jan.2009-now)

Deputy Secretary General, China Society of Natural Resources (Dec.2009-now)
Coordinator for CCICED Task Force on Ecosystem Service and Management Strategy (Dec.2008- Dec.2010)
Post-doctoral Research Fellow, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA (Nov. 2006 - Aug. 2007)
Assistant Professor, IGSNRR, CAS (Jul. 2006- Jun.2009)
Research Fellow, Global Land Project (GLP) Beijing Nodal Office (2007-now)
Secretary of Youth Committee, China Society of Natural Resources (2006-2011)


Selected Papers
[1] Luguang Jiang, Zhiming Feng, Xiubo Yu, Lin Zhen, Heqing Huang. Scenario Analysis on the Flood Regulation Service of the Poyang Lake Region. Resources Science, 2010, 32(5): 817-823
[2] Luguang Jiang, Kathleen Bergen, Daniel Brown, Qing Tian, Shuhua Qi. Land-cover Change and Vulnerability to Flooding near Poyang Lake, Jiangxi Province, China. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, 2008, 74 (6): 775-786
[3] Luguang Jiang. New Trends of Flood Risk and Land Use Change around Poyang Lake Region after Returning Farmland to Lake. Yangtze River, 2009, 40(17): 8-10
[4] Peng Li, Luguang Jiang*, Zhiming Feng, Jinghua Zhang, Huimin Yan, Huixia Zhao. Spatial Pattern of Food Provision Service in Poyang Lake Region, China. Journal of Natural Resources, 2011, 26(2):190-200 (*corresponding author)
[5] Xiubo Yu, Luguang Jiang*, Lifeng Li, Jinxin Wang, Limin Wang, Gang Lei, Jamie Pittock. Freshwater management and climate change adaptation: Experiences from the central Yangtze in China. Climate and Development, 2009, 1: 241-248 (*corresponding author)
[6] Shuhua Qi, Daniel Brown, Qing Tian, Luguang Jiang, Tingting Zhao, Kathleen Bergen. Inundation extent and flood frequency mapping for the Poyang Lake, China, floodplain using Landsat TM and DEM. GIScience and Remote Sensing, 2009, 46(1):101–127.
[7] Liangjie Xin, Yuzhi Fan, Minghong Tan, Luguang Jiang. Review of Arable Land-use Problems in Present-day China. Ambio, 2009, 38(2):112-115
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[11] Luguang Jiang, Huixia Zhao, Zulu Zhang. Quantitative Assessment on Natural and Human Erosion Based on the Study of Geomorphologic Evolution, Journal of Mountain Science, 2005(4): 468-474
[12] Erik Mostert, Luguang Jiang. The European Water Framework Directive and Water Management Research. Express Water Resources & Hydropower Information, 2004, 25(7): 1-4
[1] Luguang Jiang, Xiubo Yu, Lifeng Li, et al. (translated and edited) New Approaches to River Management (Chinese Version). Beijing: Science Press, 2006 (The English Version was edited by A.J.M. Smits, P.H. Nienhuis, R.S.E.W. Leuven from Netherlands)
[2] Luguang Jiang, Land Use and Sustainable Development of the Middle and Lower Reaches of Yangtze River Basin. In: Shengkui Cheng edited. China Land Resources and Sustainable Development, Beijing: Science Press, 2007
[3] Xiubo Yu, Luguang Jiang, et al. Review on Returning Farmland to Lake Policy and Wetland Conservation Programs in China. In: Yi Wang edited. China Sustainable Development Report 2008. Beijing: Science Press, 2008

Research Projects

(1) 2011-2015, Key Project from Chinese Academy of Sciences: Eco-compensation System Designing in China based on Carbon Credit (PI)
(2) 2010-2012, National Natural Science Foundation of China: Ecosystem Services Competition Modeling between Flood Regulation and Food Provisioning of Poyang Lake Region (PI)
(3) 2009-2013, Sub-project from Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Scientific Survey and Mapping on the Middle and Lower Reaches of Lancang (Mekong) River and Grand Shangri-La Region, Co-PI for Land Use and Land Cover Change Survey and Mapping
(4) 2009-2013, Sub-project from National Basic Research Program (973 Program) of China: Ecosystem Services and Ecological Security of China, PI for Typical Ecosystem Services and Their Trade-off of the Yangtze River Basin and Poyang Lake Basin
(5) 2011-2013, Sub-project from National Science and Technology Support Program: Research and Development for Vulnerability Analysis and Risk Assessment for Urban Public Security, PI for Urban Vulnerability Assessment against Disasters
(6) 2008-2011, Coordinator for Task Force on Ecosystem Services and Management Strategy, China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development