Research Areas

I am Jiang-Hao Yu, professor at Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science (ITP-CAS). I obtained my Ph.D. at Michigan State University on 2012, and then worked as postdoc researcher at University of Texas at Austin and University of Massachusetts at Amherst before I held a position at ITP-CAS at 2017.

My research area is theoretical particle physics and particle cosmology, and I am interested in

  1. origin of the Higgs mass and neutrino masses,
  2. origin of matter anti-matter and dark matter,
  3. theory and pheno of effective field theories.

Recently I am focusing on naturalness and shape of Higgs potential, standard model and chiral effective field theory, electroweak phase transition and baryogenesis, dark matter and its cosmological signatures.

Please look at my homepage for more details:


2012 Michigan State University Ph. D.


Work Experience

2012 - 2015 University of Texas at Austin, Weinberg Theory Group, Postdoctoral Fellow

2015 - 2017 University of Massachusetts Amherst, ACFI, Research Associate



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