Jian-Fang GUI

Academic Title








Academician & TWAS Fellow

Research Areas

Focused on basic biology and biotechnologies with particular emphasis on Developmental Genetics, Immunological Genetics and Fish Genetic Breeding.


Ph.D., Hydrobiology, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1995 (Mentor: Prof. Qing-Jiang Wu).

M.S., Genetics, Department of Biology, Wuhan University, 1985.

B.S., Cell Biology, Department of Biology, Wuhan University, 1982.

Research Experience and Professional Appointments

  • Fellow, the World Academy of Sciences for the Advancement of Science in Developing Countries, since 2015.
  • Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences, since 2013.

  • Vice President, China Zoological Society, since 2014.

  • President, Chinese Ichthyological Society, since 2013.

  • Vice President, Chinese Society for Oceanology and Limnology, since 2007.

  • Vice President (2003-2008), Member of executive committee (since 2008), China Society of Fisheries,.

  • Professor, Fish Genetics and Fish Genetic Breeding, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 1995-Present.

  • Director, State Key Laboratory of Freshwater Ecology and Biotechnology. November 2001-November 2011.

  • Director, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. September 2001-November 2007.

  • Acting Director, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. September 1999-September 2001.

  • Dean, Department of Fish Genetics and Breeding, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. September 1995-September 1999.

  • Research Associate and Postdoctoral Fellow, Division of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of California, San Diego, USA. August 1992-August 1994 (Mentor: Dr. Xiang-Dong Fu).

  • Visiting Scholar, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Medical College of Ohio at Toledo, USA. December 1991-August 1992.

  • Associate Professor, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. March 1989-June 1995.

  • Research Associate, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. January 1985-February 1989.

Major Representative Publications

Gui J.F., Lane W.S., Fu X.D., A serine kinase regulates intracellular localization of splicing factors in the cell cycle. Nature, 369(1994): 678-682.

Gui J.F., Tronchere H., Chandler S.D., Fu X.D., Purification and characterization of a kinase specific for the serine-and arginine-rich pre-mRNA splicing factors.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 91(1994): 10824-10828.

Yang L., Gui J.F., Positive selection on multiple antique allelic lineages of transferrin in the polyploid Carassius auratus. Mol. Biol. Evol., 21(2004): 1264-1277.

Hong Y., Liu T., Zhao H., Xu H., Wang W., Liu R., Chen T., Deng J., Gui J.F., Establishment of a normal medaka fish spermatogonial cell line capable of sperm production in vitro. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 101(2004): 8011-8016.

Zhu R., Zhang Y.B., Zhang Q.Y., Gui J.F., Functional domains and the antiviral effect of the dsRNA-dependent protein kinase PKR from Paralichthys olivaceu. Journal of Virology, 82(2008): 6889-6901. 

Sun F., Zhang Y.B., Liu T.K., Gan L., Yu F.F., Liu Y., Gui J.F., Characterization of fish IRF3 as an IFN-inducible protein reveals evolving regulation of IFN response in vertebrates. J. Immunol., 185(2010): 7573-7582

Sun F., Zhang Y.B., Liu T.K., Shi J., Wang B., Gui J.F., Fish MITA activation serves as a mediator for distinct fish IFN gene activation dependent on IRF3 or IRF7. J. Immunol., 187(2011): 2531-2539.

Jiang F.F., Wang Z.W., Zhou L., Jiang L., Zhang X.J., Apalikova O.V., Brykov V.A., Gui J.F., High male incidence and evolutionary implications of triploid form in northeast Asia Carassius auratus complex. Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 66(2013): 350-359.

Dan C., Mei J., Wang D., Gui J.F., Genetic differentiation and efficient sex-specific marker development of a pair of Y- and X-linked markers in yellow catfish. Int. J. Biol. Sci., 9 (2013):1043-1049.

Li X.Y., Zhang X.J., Li Z., Hong W., Liu W., Zhang J., Gui J.F.. Evolutionary history of two divergent Dmrt1 genes reveals two rounds of polyploidy origins in gibel carp. Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 78(2014): 96-104.

Zhong J.X., Zhou L., Li Z., Wang Y., Gui J.F., Zebrafish Noxa promotes mitosis in early embryonic development and regulates apoptosis in subsequent embryogenesis. Cell Death and Differentiation, 21(2014):1013-1024.

Wang Y, Li WH, Li Z, Liu W, Zhou L, Gui JF*. BMP and RA signaling cooperate to regulate Apolipoprotein C1 expression during embryonic development. Gene, 2015, 554 : 196-204.

Feng H, Zhang YB*, Zhang QM, Li Z, Zhang QY, Gui JF*. Zebrafish IRF1 Regulates IFN Antiviral Response through Binding to IFNϕ1 and IFNϕ3 Promoters Downstream of MyD88 Signaling. J Immunol. , 2015, 194: 1225-1238.

Gui JF*. Fish biology and biotechnology is the source for sustainable aquaculture. Sci China Life Sci, 2015, 58: 121-123.

Mei J, Gui JF*. Genetic basis and biotechnological manipulation of sexual dimorphism and sex determination in fish. Sci China Life Sci, 2015, 58(2): 124-136.

Zhang QY, Gui JF*. Virus genomes and virus-host interactions in aquaculture animals. Sci China Life Sci, 2015, 58(2): 156-169.

Chen X, Mei J, Wu J, Jing J, Ma W, Zhang J, Dan C, Wang W, Gui JF*. A Comprehensive transcriptome provides candidate genes for sex determination/differentiation and SSR/SNP markers in yellow catfish. Mar Biotechnol (NY). 2015, 17(2): 190-198.

Li WH, Zhou L, Li Z, Wang Y, Shi JT, Yang YJ, Gui JF*. Zebrafish Lbh-like Is Required for Otx2-mediated Photoreceptor Differentiation. Int J Biol Sci, 2015, 11(6):688-700.

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Chen C, Zhang YB*, Gui JF*. Expression characterization, genomic structure and function analysis of fish ubiquitin-specific protease 18 (USP18) genes. Dev comp Immunol, 2015, 52: 112-122.

Pan ZJ, Li XY, Zhou FJ, Qiang XG, Gui JF*. Identification of sex-specific markers reveals male heterogametic sex determination in Pseudobagrus ussuriensis. Mar Biotechnol (NY). 2015, 17(4): 441-451.

Wu J, Xiong S, Jing J, Chen X, Wang W, Gui JF*, Mei* J. Comparative transcriptome analysis of differentially expressed genes and signaling pathways between XY and YY testis in yellow catfish. PLoS ONE 2015, 10(8): e0134626.

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Liu W, Li SZ, Li Z, Wang Y, Li XY, Zhong JX, Zhang XJ, Zhang J, Zhou L, Gui JF*. Complete depletion of primordial germ cells in an all-female fish leads to sex-biased gene expression alteration and sterile all-male occurrence. BMC Genomics, 2015, 16: 971

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Li SZ, Liu W, Li Z, Wang Y, Zhou L, Yi MS, Gui JF. Molecular characterization and expression pattern of a germ cell marker gene dnd in gibel carp (Carassius gibelio). Gene, 2016, 591(1): 183-190.

Feng H, Zhang QM, Zhang YB, Li Z, Zhang J, Xiong YW, Wu M, Gui JF. Zebrafish IRF1, IRF3, and IRF7 Differentially Regulate IFNΦ1 and IFNΦ3 Expression through Assembly of Homo- or Heteroprotein Complexes. See comment in PubMed Commons belowJ Immunol. 2016, 197(5):1893-904



Research Interests

Focused on fish genetic breeding through revealing regulation mechanism of unisexual gynogenesis and sexual reproduction in polyploid gibel carp, identifying sex-, growth- and immune-related genes and genetic markers, and breeding novel varieties for aquaculture practice.





汲广东  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

朱华平  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

张义兵  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

谢京  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

徐红艳  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

石耀华  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

董彩华  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

刘静霞  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

夏建红  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

杨林  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

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陈玉栋  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

胡成钰  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

陈波  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

周莉  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

洪一江  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

贾海波  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

金珊  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

尹隽  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

史燕  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

董彩文  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

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朱蓉  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

余祥勇  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

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曹宏  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

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黄伟  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

梅洁  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

彭金霞  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

蒋珺  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

李辰昱  硕士研究生  071007-遗传学  

于非非  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

刘庭凯  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

刘沙  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

金俊琰  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

王达  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

蒋芳芳  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

翟艳花  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

肖青  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

谢建丽  硕士研究生  071007-遗传学  

丹成  硕士研究生  071007-遗传学  

岳华梅  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

石军  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

姜龙  硕士研究生  071007-遗传学  

李熙银  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

钟健翔  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

孙钒  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

毛剑锋  硕士研究生  085238-生物工程  

李文华  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

潘正军  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

张君  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

刘威  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

王兵  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

王伟  硕士研究生  090801-水产养殖  

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李石竹  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

洪玮  硕士研究生  071007-遗传学  

丹成  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

刘晓莉  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

江诗雨  硕士研究生  071007-遗传学  

何文霞  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

邵光明  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

朱要军  硕士研究生  071007-遗传学  

皇培培  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

陈帆  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

鲁蒙  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

田乐天  硕士研究生  071007-遗传学  

余鹏  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

赵昕  硕士研究生  071007-遗传学  

周于琳  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

甘瑞海  博士研究生  090801-水产养殖  


丁苗  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

王明涛  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

苗春  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

王子豪  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

金慧  硕士研究生  090801-水产养殖  

王焘  博士研究生  090801-水产养殖  

杜文轩  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

吴越  硕士研究生  071007-遗传学  

杨涵  硕士研究生  090801-水产养殖  

杨升  硕士研究生  090801-水产养殖  

彭芳  博士研究生  090801-水产养殖  

李亮亮  博士研究生  071007-遗传学  

Awards and Honors

  • National Working Model (2015);

  • The “Science and Technology Progress Award” of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation(2015); 

  • The first award of Science and Technology for Development Advancement in Chinese Academy of Sciences (2014);

  • The second award of Science and Technology Advancement in Hubei Province (2013);

  • The National Innovation Achievement Award in Industry-University-Research Collaboration (2012);

  • The second award of National Natural Sciences in China (2011);

  • The first award of Science and Technology Advancement in Hubei Province (2011);

  • The First award of Science and Technology Advancement in Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (2011);

  • The second award of Science and Technology Advancement in Hubei Province (2005);

  • The second award of Natural Sciences in Hubei Province (2004);

  • The first award of Natural Sciences in Hubei Province (2003);

  • The third award of Natural Sciences in Chinese Academy of Sciences (1995);

  • Distinguished Scientist with Outstanding Contribution for “11th Five-year” National Science and Technology Programs (2011);

  • National Labor Day Working Medal (2009);

  • Working Model in Hubei Province (2004);

  • Advanced Personal of National Key Labs Program (2004);

  • Distinguished Mentor Award of Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2003; 1998);

  • Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contribution of Chinese Academy of Sciences (1998);

  • Distinguished Young Scholar Award of Qiu-Shi Science and Technology Foundation (1996);

  • The First Young Scientist Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences (1995);

  • Winner of the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars (1994).