Jianda Shao, male,  professor,  doctoral supervisor,Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics,Chinese Academy of Sciences 
elephone: 021-69918461
Address: No. 390, Qinghe Road, Shanghai, 201800 China
Postcode: 201800 

Research Areas

His reserch areas include high power laser coatings, soft X-ray coatings, the interaction mechanisms between laser and optical films, the growth of the ultra-thin films,  semi-conducting materials and so on.


1995.9 ~1998.4: Ph.D. degree in Optical Engineering, SIOM, Chinese Academy of Sciences, P. R. China
1990.9 ~1993.1: M.Sc. degree in Optical Engineering, SIOM, Chinese Academy of Sciences, P. R. China
1982 .9 ~986.7: B.Sc. degree in Electronic Physics Department of Radio and Electronic Engineering ,Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, P. R. China


Work Experience
1999.10~now   SIOM, Chinese Academy of Science, Professor
1998.6~19979.7 Istituto di chimica e Tecnologia dei Materiali e dei Componenti per l’Elettronica (LAMEL), Via Gobetti, 101- Bologna, Italy
1995.1~1998.7  SIOM, Chinese Academy of Science, Associate Professor
1996.3 .11-1996.3.29 Participated in the second workshop on science and technology of thin films, ICTP, Trieste, Italy
1994.1 ~ 1995.1 J J Thomson Physics Lab., University of Reading, Reading, RG6 2AF, UK


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2.Yueliang Wang, Yuanan Zhao, Guohang Hu, Xiaocong Peng, Junxiu Chang, Xiaoyi Xie, Jun He, Meng Guo, and Jianda Shao. Mitigation of scattering defect and absorption of DKDP crystals by laser conditioning ,2015.23(12):p.16273- 16280
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(8) 全频段高精度非球面光学元件的加工方法,2015, Patent NO.:201510149320


(1) An overview of the optical materials and components for SG laser facilities,2014-07,Jianda Shao
(2) Development of optical components for high power laser systems,2014-05,Jianda Shao
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(1)Laser-induced Damage in Optical Materials(chapter 6),CRC Press,2014-09
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