Jarken Esimbek 

Doctoral Supervisor

Deputy Director of Xinjiang Astronomical  Observatory, CAS


Telephone: +86991-3689058 

Address: 150 Science 1-Street, Urumqi, Xinjiang 830011, China 

Research Areas



2001-2006     Peking University            Ph.D.

1985-1990     Xinjiang University           B.S.



· Xi, Hongwei; Zhou, Jianjun; Esimbek, Jarken; Wu, Gang; He, Yuxin;  Ji, Weiguang; Tang, Xiaoke., 22 GHz H2O maser survey towards 221 BGPS sources.,  MNRAS,453,4203X

·   Y.X.He., J.J.Zhou.,J.Esimbek.,W.G.Ji.,G.Wu., et al., Infall motions  in massive star-forming regions: results from years 1 and 2 of the MALT90  survey, 2015,


·   X. H. Han., J. J. Zhou., J. Z. Wang., J. Esimbek., et al.,Combination  of CN(1-0), HCN(1-0), and HNC(1-0): A possible indicator for a high-mass star  formation sequence in the Milky Way, 2015,A&A,576,131

·   Li. D. L., Esimbek. J., Zhou. J. J., et al., Filament L1482 in the  California molecular

cloud; 2014, A&A, 567A, 10L

·   Tang. X. D., Esimbek. J., Zhou. J. J., et al., The comparison of H2CO  (110-111), C18O (1-0) and the continuum towards molecular clouds; 2014, RAA, 14,  959

·   Yuan. Y., Esimbek. J., Zhou. J. J., et al., H2CO and H110α  observations towards NH3 sources;  2014,  Ap&SS, 352, 521Y

·   Okoh. D., Esimbek. J., Zhou. J., et al., Formaldehyde and H110α  observations towards 6.7 GHz methanol maser sources; 2014, Ap&SS, 350,  657O

·   Tang X. D., Esimbek J., Zhou J. J., et al., The relation of H2CO,  12CO, and 13CO in molecular clouds; 2013, A&A, 551A,  28T

·   Okoh.D, Esimbek.J, Zhou, Tang. X.D, Augustine. Ch, Johnson.U, Pius.  O“A machine learning approach for investigating spatial structures between  spectral line sources: formaldehyde absorption versus methanol masers”, Research  and Review: Journal of Space Science & Technology, 2013,2,  2

·   Esimbek. J., Zhou. J. J., Wu. G., et al.,Infrared characteristics of  sources associated with OH, H2O, SiO and CH3OH masers; 2012,  IAUS,287,178E

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·   Zhang. Ch. p., Esimbek.J., Zhou. J. J., et al.,Large area mapping of  formaldehyde at 4.8GHz toward gaint molecular clouds; 2012, Ap&SS, 337,  283Z

Research Interests

·    Molecular clouds

·    Star formation and evolution

·    Masers

·    Astronomical technique and method