Hui HUI ​Professor

Key Laboratory of Molecular Imaging, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Contact9/F, Intelligent Building, No.95 Zhongguancun East Road, 100190, Beijing, China

Tel: 86 10 82618465-903

Fax: 86 10 82618465-904


Research Areas

Development of in vivo multimodality molecular imaging system for biomedical applications



PhD 2008 - 2013

FEMTO-ST, Time Frequency Department, University of Franche-Comté (UFC), Besançon, France and School of Mechatronic Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU), Xi'an Shaanxi, China

Co-supervision PhD. Mechanical Engineering, September 2008 to 2013

Master 2003 - 2006

School of Construction Machinery, Chang'an University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

Bachelor 1999 – 2003

School of Construction Machinery, Chang'an University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China


Work Experience

​Professor 2022 to Present

Key Laboratory of Molecular Imaging, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Associate Professor 2016 to 2022

Key Laboratory of Molecular Imaging, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Assistant Professor 2013 to 2016

Key Laboratory of Molecular Imaging, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China


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Research Interests

Development of in vivo multimodality molecular imaging system for biomedical applications



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