Research Areas

Theoretical Population Genetics

Mathematical and Computational Biology 

Molecular Evolution

Coalescent Theory

Population Dynamics

Adaptive Evolution

Applied Stochastic Modeling in Biology 

Genomic Epidemiology

Forensic Genomics 


2003/09 - 2007/12   University of California, Berkeley, PhD in Integrative Biology (with Emphasis in Genomic and Computatinal Biology)


Work Experience

2015/2 - now, Principal Investigator, Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and China National Center for Bioinformation

2015/7 - now, Professor, School of Future Technology, School of Life Sciences and Sino-Danish College, Univesity of Chinese Academy of Sciences 

2018/1 - now, Affiliated member, CAS Center for Excellence in Animal Evolution and Genetics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Teaching Experience

2016-2023, Population Genetics and Molecular Evolution (graduate)

2021-2022, Statistical Genomics and Network Biology (graduate)

2020, Statistical and Quantitative Genetics (graduate)

2016-2018, Medical Genetics and Human Genomics (graduate)

2017, Health Data and Genomic Technology (graduate)



(2018-2023, *: corresponding author)


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Research Interests

We are a computational lab working on theory, methodology and genomic data analysis. The research in my lab includes the following topics:

1. Population genetics

 We develop theoretical models and statistical methods for population genetics and computational genetics, and apply the methods to genomic data for the inference of population dynamics and natural selection. This line of research includes: 

using coalescent theory to analytically derive the joint allele frequency spectrum of multiple populations;

asymptotic distributions of coalescent times and ancestral lineage numbers

methods for inferring population history, such as, TNSFS

methods for  detecting positive selection, e.g., XP-CLR

methods for inferring selection intensity and allele age of mutants, e.g., HMM-Sweep, IS-Age

comparative population genomics, e.g. HDMKPRF.

2. Evolution of complex diseases and quantitative traits

We are working on the genetic architecture and evolutionary mechanism underlying human morphological traits and metabolic diseases.

We are enthusiastic over other topics involving mathematical modeling and inference of biological processes. 




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