Huiquan Li

National Engineering Laboratory for Hydrometallurgical Cleaner Production Technology

Institute of Process Engineering

Telephone: 86-10-62621355
Address: No.1 Beierjie, Zhonguancun,

Postcode: 100190

Research Areas

Professor Li has been focusing on the applied fundamental and key technology development in the field of clean production and circular economy for a long time. He is an important expert of the technology innovation for national circular economy and CO2 utilization


MSc. From Dalian University of Technology in 1995

PhD in Chemical Engineering Department from the Dalian University of Technology in 1999.


Work Experience

1999-2001 Post doctorial fellow at Institute of Process Engineering

2002-2005 Associate Professor, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2006-present, Professor, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Teaching Experience

2015-present, Chief Professor of course “Green Chemical Engineering and Chemistry” in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences


Honors & Distinctions

2005, Award for the National Technological Innovation of China

2010, Award for Distinguished Young Scholars of CAS

2016, Award for Youth Science and technology innovation leader of Minstry of Science and Technology



More than 150 papers have been published.

Selected publications:

1Hongtao Zhao, Huiquan Li*, Weijun Bao, Chenye Wang, Songgeng Li, Weigang Lin, Experimental study of enhanced phosphogypsum carbonation with ammonia under increased CO2 pressure, Journal of CO2 Utilization, 2015,11,10-19.

2Huiquan Li*, Junbo Hui, Chenye Wang, Weijun Bao, Zhenhua Sun, Removal of sodium (Na2O) from alumina extracted coal fly ash by a mild hydrothermal process, Hydrometallurgy, 2015, 3(153),1-5.

3Huiquan Li*, Junbo Hui, Chenye Wang, Extraction of alumina from coal fly ash by mixed-alkaline hydrothermal method, Hydrometallurgy, 2014,147,183-187.

4 Fengjiao Li, Huiquan Li*, Liguo Wang, Peng He, Magnesium oxide nanosheets as effective catalysts for the synthesis of diethyl carbonate from ethyl carbamate and ethanol, Catalysis Science &Technology, 2015, 5(2),1021-1034.

5Bin Lin, Shaopeng Li, Xinjuan Hou, Huiquan Li*, Preparation of high performance mullite ceramics from high-aluminum fly ash by an effective method, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2015, 623, 359-361

6Xintao Li, Huiquan Li*, Haitao Liu, Ganyu Zhu, Non-isothermal thermal decomposition dimethylhexane-1,6-dicarbamate (HDC)Journal of Hazardous Materials,2011, 198, 376–380,

7Wenjuan Zhang, Huiquan Li*, Bo Chen. CO2 emission and mitigation potential estimations of China’s primary aluminum industry. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2015, 103, 863-872.

8Ganyu Zhu, Huiquan Li*, Yan Cao, Haitao Liu, Xintao Li, Jiaqiang Chen, Qing Tang, Kinetic study on the novel efficient clean decomposition of methyl N -phenyl carbamate to phenyl isocyanate, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2013,52, 4450-4454.

9Xingrui Wang, Huiquan Li*, Xinjuan Hou, Amine-Functionalized Metal Organic Framework as a Highly Selective Adsorbent for CO2 over CO. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2012, 116, 37, 19814-19821.

10Liguo Wang, Huiquan Li*, Shumin Xin, Peng He, Yan Cao, Fengjiao Li, Xinjuan Hou, Highly efficient synthesis of diethyl carbonate via one-pot reaction from carbon dioxide, epoxides and ethanol over KI-based binary catalyst system, Applied Catalysis A:General, 2014, 471, 19-27



More than 50 patents are field an 10 patents are authorized.

Research Interests

Green chemical engineering and circular economy technology, including (1) green catalysis and process intensification of CO2 capture, storage and utilization, specially catalytic conversion; (2) high value-added utilization and pollution control of solid residua, (3) metallurgical flue gas purification and eco-functional materials development, (4) system integration and ecological industry in chemical or metallurgical industry.


​12 students obtained doctorate and 32 students obtained master degree.