Address: Haidian District, Xiangshan Nanxincun No. 20, State Key Laboratory of Vegetation and Environmental Change, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
Postcode: 100093
Telephone:  010-62836508

Research Areas

Vegetation Ecology, Conservation Ecology, Restoration Ecology

Admissions Information

Vegetation Ecology, Master of Degree, 1 Student 
Test Subjects: Politics, English, Botany, Plant Ecology


1979.9-1983.7: Inner Mongolia University, Biology, Bachelor of Science

1992.7-1999.7: Utrecht University, Department of Plant Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Ecology, Ph.D.

Work Experience

1983.9-Present: Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Academic Tenure

Director, China Association for Scientific Expedition
Director, The China Society on Tibet Plateau
Director and Secretary-General, Ecological Society of Beijing
Committee member, Fourth Forest Resources Assessment Committee of State Forestry Administration
Associate Editor, Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology
Editorial Board, Guihaia

Projects Undertaken

1983-1991: Participated in a series of scientific surveys and research projects: comprehensive scientific expedition of Henduan Mountains (1983-1984), vegetation survey in Changbai Mountains (1985), China-British vegetation survey in Fanjingshan Mountains(1985), vegetation survey in Luliang Mountains(1985), vegetation survey in Tianshan Mountains(1986), plant resources survey in southwest of Guizhou province (1986), suitable tree research in Mu Us region(1987-1989), comprehensive scientific expedition of Karakorum - Kunlun Mountains (1987 - 1990), China-US desert plants survey in Xinjiang province (1989), China-Pakistan comprehensive vegetation survey in northwest of Himalayas and Karakoram Mountains(1989), Study on the optimize ecological model of grassland in northern China (1989-1992), China-United States desert vegetation survey in the western United States (1990), comprehensive scientific vegetation in Qinghai Hoh Xil region (1990), China-France scientific expedition in Karakorum - Kunlun Mountains (1990-1991).
1992-1999: mainly engaged in the cooperation of China-Netherlands Water Green Okabayashi ecology.
1992-1999: Mainly engaged in the cooperation of China-Netherlands project: ecological research of Fagus forest in China
1999 - Present: participated in and chaired a series of research: ecological environment in arid region of western China: evolution and prediction (973, 1999 to 2004, Chair), experiment and demonstration study on comprehensive management of agro-pastoral interlaced region of Hunshandake sandy land and north part of Beijing (Innovation Project of CAS project, 2000-2004, sub-theme chair), sharing systems of vegetation and species information (scientific and technological project, 2001-2005, chair), geographical distribution of the genus Fagus in East Asia (Fund, 2005-2007, Chair), endangered factors of four firs in southeastern China: geographical and climate change (Fund, 2007, Chair), species adaptability and optimal allocation in karst region of southwest China (973, 2006-2010, Chair), associated degradation mechanism of vegetation and soil in karst region of southwest China (Innovation Project of CAS project, 2007-2009, chair), Habitat expand principles of Abies endangered species in southern China (innovation project of CAS project, 2007-2009, attend).
In research projects: comprehensive scientific expedition in north China and adjacent regions (2008-2012, science and technology foundation special project, attend), climate change and related issues of carbon balance arguments (special, 2011-2005, attend), compilation of research on vegetation of China and vegetation mapping work.

Papers and Book Directory

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Graduate Education

Name                   Degree                     Start time      Graduate time
Liu Haijing           Master’s Degree     2001.9           2004.7
Song Chuangye    Master’s Degree     2002.9           2005.7
Hu Jianying         Master’s Degree     2004.9           2007.7
Xiong Lijun         Master’s Degree     2004.9           2007.7
Wei Yafen           Master’s Degree      2005.9           2008.7
Liu Changcheng   Master’s Degree     2005.9           2008 Transfer to Ph.D.
Liu Yuguo           Master’s Degree      2007.9           2010 Transfer to Ph.D.

Liu Changcheng  PhD                         2008.9            2010.7
Li Guoqing         PhD                         2008.9
Liu Yuguo          PhD                          2010.9

Zhao Liqing        Postdoctoral 2009.5
Yang Jun            Postdoctoral 2010.5