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Research Areas

Igneous Petrology and Tectonics


Ph.D in 1999


2002-Now, Prof. Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry

2001-2002,Associate Prof. Changsha Institute of Geotectonics

1999-2001, Assistant Prof. Changsha Institute of Geotectonics

Work Experience

I am engaged in studying the Mesozoic-Cenosoic magmatism and geodynamics in East China and Asian continent by using various geochemical analyses, majoring in the in-situ analyses on mineral and melt inclusion to decipher the magmatic evolution and mantle enrichment in relation with subduction of the Paleo-Pacific and Pacific Oceans. I am also corporating with a post-doctor fellow to study the mantle geodynamics beneath East African Rift by geochemical analyses on mantle xenoliths to decipher the incipient continental rifting and the transformatiomn mechanism from continental to oceanic lithosphere. 

Up to now, I have published more than 120 peer-reviewed papers, and over 70 papers are SCI-indexed and the SCI citations are more than 3200 times.    

Teaching Experience

Honors & Distinctions

The Outstanding Youth Fund of NSFC (2015)

The 2nd Award of Natiuonal Natural Scienceof China (2011)

Houdefeng Award for excellent youth of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry (2010)

Member of Editorial Board, Geotectonica et Metallogenica (Chinese)

Member of Committee of Mantle Evolution, Association of Chinese Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry (2013-Present)

Visiting Scholar at Australian National University (2003), Okayama University (2005-2007) and Institute of Geology, Russian Far East (2014-2015)

Peer Reviewers for more than 10 international journals like Geology, Journal of Petrology, Tectonics, Chemical Geology, Lithos, etc. 


Selected Publications

1. Zhao Liang, Li Zian*, Li Jingyan, Guo Feng, 2019. Generation of Triassic post-collisional granitoids in the Linxi region (Inner Mongolia, NE China) and crustal growth in the eastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt through melting of relict oceanic crust. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 171, 348-362. 

2. Zhao Liang*, Guo Feng, Fan Weiming, Huang Miwei, 2019. Roles of subducted pelagic and terrigenous sediments in Early Jurassic mafic magmatism in NE China: Constraints on the architecture of PaleoPacific subduction zone. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 124, 2525–2550

3. Zhang Bo, Guo Feng*, Zhang Xiaobing, Wu Yangming, Wang Guoqing, Zhao Liang, 2019. Early Cretaceous subduction of Paleo-Pacific Ocean in the coastal region of SE China: Petrological and geochemical constraints from the mafic intrusions. Lithos, 334–335, 8–24. 

4. Alemayehu Melesse*, Guo Feng, Aulbach Sonja, 2019. Transformation of continental lithospheric mantle beneath the East African Rift: constraints from platinum‑group elements and Re–Os isotopes in mantle xenoliths from Ethiopia. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 174: 40. 

5. Guo Feng*, Huang Miwei, Zhao Liang, 2019. Nd-Hf-O isotopic evidence for subduction-induced crustal replacement in NE China. Chemical Geology, 525, 125-142

6. Wu Yangming, Guo Feng*, Wang Xuan-Ce, Zhang Bo, Zhang Xiaobing, Alemayehu Melesse, Wang Guoqing, 2020. Generation of Late Cretaceous Ji'an basalts through asthenosphere-slab interaction in South China. Geological Society of America Bulletin,

7. Wu Yangming, Guo Feng*, Wang Xuan-Ce, Wilde A. Simon, Fan Weiming, 2020. Derivation of intraplate HIMU-type basalts from a hydrous mantle transition zone in South China. Lithos, 354-355: 105337. 

8. Zhang Qingwen, Guo Feng*, Zhao Liang, Wu Yangming, 2017. Geodynamics of divergent double subduction: 3-D numerical modeling of a Cenozoic example in the Molucca Sea region, Indonesia, Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth, 122, 3977–3998, doi:10.1002/2017JB013991. 

Guo F*, Li HX, Fan WM, Li JY, Zhao L, Huang MW, 2016. Variable sediment flux in generation of Permian subduction-related mafic intrusions from the Yanbian region, NE China. Lithos, 261: 195-215.

10 Zhao L, Guo F*, Fan WM, Zhang QW, Wu YM, Li JY, Yan W, 2016. Early Cretaceous potassic volcanic rocks in the Jiangnan Orogenic Belt, East China: Crustal melting in response to subduction of the Pacific–Izanagi ridge? Chemical Geology, 437: 30-43. 

11  Guo F, Li HX, Fan WM, Li JY, Zhao L, Huang MW, Xu WL, 2015. Early Jurassic subduction of the Paleo-Pacic Ocean in NE China: Petrologicand gegeochemical evidence from the Tumen mac intrusive complex. Lithos, 224-225: 46-60.

12  Guo F, Fan WM, Li CW, Wang, CY, Li, HX, Zhao L, Li JY, 2014. Hf-Nd-O isotopic evidence for melting of recycled sediments beneath the Sulu Orogen, North China. Chemical Geology, 381: 243-258. 

13  Guo F, Guo JT, Wang CY, Fan WM, Li CW, Zhao L, Li HX, Li JY, 2013. Formation of mafic magmas through lower crustal AFC processes — An example from the Jinan gabbroic intrusion in the North China Block. Lithos, 179: 157-174.

14  Guo F, Fan WM, Li CW, Zhao L, Li HX, Yang JH, 2012. Multi-stage crust-mantle interaction in SE China: Temporal, thermal and compositional constraints from the Mesozoic felsic volcanic rocks in eastern Guangdong-Fujian provinces. Lithos, 150: 62-84.

15  Guo F, Fan WM, Gao XF, Li CW, Miao LC, Zhao L, Li HX, 2010. Sr–Nd–Pb isotope mapping of Mesozoic igneous rocks in NE China: Constraints on tectonic framework and Phanerozoic crustal growth. Lithos, 120: 563-568. 

16  Guo F, Nakamura E, Fan WM, Kobayashi K, Li CW, 2007. Generation of Palaeocene adakitic andesites by magma mixing; Yanji Area, NE China. Journal of Petrology, 48: 661-692. 

17  Guo F, Fan WM, Wang YJ, Zhang M, 2004. Origin of early Cretaceous calc-alkaline lamprophyres from the Sulu orogen in eastern China: implications for enrichment processes beneath continental collisional belt. Lithos, 78: 291-305. 

18 Guo F, Fan WM, Wang YJ, Lin G, 2001. Late Mesozoic mafic intrusive complexes in North China Block: constraints on the nature of subcontinental lithospheric mantle. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Part A –Part A: Solid Earth and Geodesy, 26(9): 759-771. 

Research Interests

Subduction-related magmatism and subarc mantle enrichment

Intraplate magmatism and deep water and mass cycle

Continental crustal structure and evolution 



2003, Visiting scientist at Australian National University

2005-2007, Reserch fellow at Institute of Earth's Interoir, Okayama University

2005, Field investigation in Republic of Mongolia

2014-2015, Field investigation in Russia Far East 



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