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Research Areas

1. Syngas conversion to clean fuels and chemicals

2. Carbon dioxide catalytic hydrogenation to fuels and chemicals

3. Preparation chemistry of multifunctional catalysts

4. Cu-based catalysts for Ester hydrogenation

5. Catalytic behaviors of supported nano-metal clusters


Prof. Qingjie Ge rececived his PhD degree in Physical Chemistry from Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics(LICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) in 1998.


Prof. Qingjie Ge spent his postdoctoral study at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) in 1998 and started his faculty position at DICP in 2000, and then experienced a visiting scholar at Louis-Pasteur University (France) in 2000-2001, a visiting professor of the University of Kitakyushu (Japan) in 2005-2008. Now, he worked as a professor of industrial catalysis at DICP, CAS. Currently, he is researching on the design and preparation of multifunctional catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation/syngas to fuels and chemicals.



1.     Fei Wang+, Zhiyong Wen+, Zhaoxian Qin, Qihua Fang, Qingjie Ge*, Zhimin Li, Jian Sun, Gao Li*. 

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Fuel, 2019, 244: 104-109.

2.       Jian Wei+, Ruwei Yao+, Qingjie Ge*, Zhiyong Wen, Xuewei Ji, Chuanyan Fang, Jixin Zhang, Hengyong Xu, and Jian Sun*. 

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ACS Catalysis, 2018, 8: 9958-9967. 

3.       Zhiyong Wen+; Zhimin Li+; Qingjie Ge*; Yang Zhou; Jian Sun; Hadi Abroshan, Gao Li*. 

Robust Nickel Cluster@Mes-HZSM-5 Composite Nanostructure with Enhanced Catalytic Activity in the DTG Reaction. 

Journal of Catalysis, 2018, 363: 26-33. 

4.       Lisheng Guo, Jian Sun*, Xuewei Ji, Jian Wei , Zhiyong Wen , Ruwei Yao, Hengyong Xu , Qingjie Ge*. 

Directly Converting Carbon Dioxide to Linear α-Olefins on Bio-promoted Catalysts. 

Communications Chemistry, 2018, 1, 11. (Collected in Green Chemistry (July 2018) from Nature family Journals).

5.       Jian Wei, Qingjie Ge,* Ruwei Yao, Zhiyong Wen, Chuanyan Fang, Lisheng Guo, Hengyong Xu, and Jian Sun*. 

CO2 directly conversion into a gasoline fuel. 

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8.       Zhiyong Wen, Chun Wang, Jian Wei, Jian Sun, Lisheng Guo, Qingjie Ge*, Hengyong Xu.  

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9.       Jian Wei, Jian Sun, Zhiyong Wen, Chuanyan Fang, Qingjie Ge*, Hengyong Xu*. 

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Catalysis Science & Technology, 2016, 6(13): 4786-4793

10.    Xiaohuan Dong, Xiangang Ma*, Hengyong Xu and Qingjie Ge*. 

Comparative study of silica-supported copper catalysts prepared by different methods: Formation and transition of copper phyllosilicate. 

Catalysis Science & Technology, 2016, 6(12): 4151-4158



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