Name: Gao, Bingshui

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Institute of Modern Physics

Address: 509 Nanchang Rd., Lanzhou


Research Areas

Experimental nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics


2009.9-2015.6, Institute of Modern Physics, PhD student in particle and nuclear physics.

2013.9-2015.5, GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung, visiting scholar.

2005.9-2009.6, Lanzhou University, undergraduate student in nuclear physics.


Work Experience

2015.6-Now, Institute of Modern Physics, Assistant researcher, Associate researcher.

​2016.12-2018.12, National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University, Research Associate.


  1. ​B. Gao et al., Nonaxial shapes in the odd-odd 194Au nucleus, Physical Review C 86, 054310 (2012).
  2. B. Gao et al., Identification of a 9/2[505] isomer in the neutron-rich 193Os nucleus, Chinese Physics C 38, 064001 (2014)
  3. B. Gao et al., Gamow-Teller transitions to 93Zr via the 93Nb(t, 3He + γ) reaction at 115 MeV/u and its application to the stellar electron-capture rates, Physical Review C 101, 014308 (2020)

Research Interests

Charge-exchange reaction and its applications in the nuclear astrophysics


  1. Nuclear Structure, Michigan State University,    2018-08-05
  2. Origin of Elements and Cosmic Evolution: From Big-Bang to Supernovae and Mergers, Beihang University, 2019-11-27



李宇田  博士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  

焦韬瑜  博士研究生  070202-粒子物理与原子核物理  

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