Research Areas

1) Development of instruments and devices for sampling, on-site or on-line detection of environmental pollutants, chemicals, drugs, and explosives;

2) Development of new methods and technologies on identification of complex samples. Applied to environmental monitoring, food safety, public security and environment.


1996-2000   Wuhan University   Bachelor

2000-2005   Wuhan University   PhD


Work Experience

2005-2009   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Post-doc;

2009-2011   Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate professor;

2011-now    Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Full-professor;

2013-now    Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Full-professor and Group Leader (Chemical Sensors group);

2019-now   Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Full-professor and Director of Laboratory of Instrumentation and Analytical Chemistry.

Honors & Distinctions

Hundred Talents Program of CAS;

Dayu Zhang Outstanding Young scholar;

Distinguished Young Scholars of Dalian;

Talents of Liaoning province;

Ten oversea outstanding youth of Liaoning province;

Outstanding young scientific and technological personnel of Shenyang branch of CAS.



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Authorized more than 20 patens of invention, including one PCT patent.

Research Interests

Development of novel analytical methods and devices based on chemical sensors.

1. Development and application of colorimetric array sensor

1) Synthesis and screening of colorimetric indicators

2) Doping and surface modification of luminescent materials

3) Development of artificial olfactory/gustatory system based on colorimetric sensor array.

4) Application of colorimetric sensor array in food safety, public security & environments.


2. Development and application of novel semiconductor metal oxide sensors

1) Morphological control of semiconductor nanomaterials (i.e., metal oxides, polymers, MOFs, etc.)

2) Highly sensitive sensors based on semiconductor metal oxide at room temperature.

3) Development of self-powered sensors.

4) Application of semiconductor sensors in food safety, public security & environments.


3. Instrument development and integration

1) Portable toxic & harmful gas detectors.

2) Pen-like formaldehyde gas detectors.

3) Rapid detectors for pesticide residues.

4) Automatic sampling devices for colorimetric sensor array. 



贾明艳  博士研究生  070302-分析化学  

陈淑琴  博士研究生  070302-分析化学  


高建梅  博士研究生  070302-分析化学  

王振名  硕士研究生  070302-分析化学  

支慧  博士研究生  070302-分析化学  

皇甫常欣  博士研究生  070302-分析化学  

常俊玉  博士研究生  070302-分析化学  

李延琪  博士研究生  070302-分析化学  

王枫雅  博士研究生  070302-分析化学  

张晓波  博士研究生  070302-分析化学  

朱明珍  博士研究生  070302-分析化学