Feifei Ma


Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Email: maff(at)ios.ac.cn, maffeics(at)gmail.com

Telephone: 62661641

Address: 4# South Fourth Street, ZhongGuanCun, Haidian District, Beijing  

Postcode: 100190

Research Areas

  • Automated Reasoning and Constraint Solving
  • Computer Mathematics


Ph.D. 2005.09 - 2010.07
Major in Computer Software and Theory
State Key Laboratory of Computer Science,
Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science (ISCAS)

B.S. 2001.09-2005.07
Department of Computer Science and Technology,
Wuhan University (WHU)


Work Experience

2019.10-now: Professor, Laboratory of Parallel Software and Computational Science, Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2012.12-2019.9: Associate Professor, Laboratory of Parallel Software and Computational Science, Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2010.7-2012.12: Assistant Researcher, Laboratory of Parallel Software and Computational Science, Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Honors & Distinctions

  1. Wang Xuan News Science and Technology Award, First Prize, 2017.
  2. Science and Technology Award of China Film and Television Society, Second Prize, 2017.



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  2. Solving the Satisfiability Problem of Modal Logic S5 Guided by Graph Coloring. Pei Huang, Minghao Liu, Ping Wang, Wenhui Zhang, Feifei Ma, Jian Zhang. IJCAI 2019.
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Automatic Generation of Combinatorial Test Data Springer Briefs in Computer Science.  Jian Zhang, Zhiqiang Zhang. Springer 2014, ISBN 978-3-662-43428-4

Research Interests

Automated Reasoning,Constraint Satisfaction,Computer Mathematics


(1) Extended Research on Satis ability. National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSF China), Grant No. 61100064. (Principal Investigator)  2012.01-2014.12

(2) Crucial Algorithms for Test Cases in Railway Control System. Open Project of State Key Laboratory of Rail Trac Control and Safety, Northern Jiaotong University. (Principal Investigator) 2011.01-2012.12