Fan Lingzhong

Full Professor, M.D.

Brainnetome Center and National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition

Institute of Automation

Chinese Academy of Sciences  

Beijing 100190, China  

Phone: +86 10 8254 4523



Research Areas

Over more than a century, tremendous progress has been made in understanding the structure, function, and connection of the human brain at different spatial-temporal scales. However, because of the complexity of the brain, accurately defining the brain regions and mapping their functions and connections are extremely challenging, even on a large scale. Just as modern cartography helped us know planet Earth, the existing brain atlases, based on various mapping techniques, have served as navigators of the human brain and can be considered to be the cornerstone of basic and clinical neuroscience. The next stage of the human brain atlas will be multimodal instead of unimodal and dynamic instead of static by including information on spatiotemporal changes during normal development or aging as well as disease-related effects. 

Recently, mapping the structural and functional connectivity of the human brain via non-invasive imaging technologies such as diffusion magnetic resonance imaging and functional magnetic resonance imaging offers new insights into functional brain states emerging from their underlying structural substrate. Our research team will focus on setting up and optimizing the framework for producing a comparative, organic theory of the human brain atlas. 

  •    First, the biological basis of the methods and what we can infer from these imaging modalities are not yet fully understood. Further systematic comparison—across modalities, features, and methods—of the maps that may be computed using connectivity-based parcellation is still needed. 

  •    Second, it still remains to be tested, how reliable individual brains may be parcellated using connectivity information and how the ensuing maps relate to other aspects of interindividual variability. 

  •    Third, taking non-human primates as experimental objects, combined with electrophysiology, neural tract tracer and high-resolution optical imaging technology, we will try to understand the biological basis of the human brain atlas.

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  • 2005.09-2010.12 M.D. in Human Sectional and Imaging Anatomy, School of Medicine, Shandong University  
  • 2008.09-2009.10 Visiting student, McConnell Brain Imaging Center, Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill university  
  • 2000.09-2005.07 B.S. in Clinical Medicine, Binzhou Medical College 


  • 2018.10- present  Professor at Brainnetome Center, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
  • 2014.10- 2018.10 Associate Professor at Brainnetome Center, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences  
  • 2013.05-2014.09 Assistant Professor at Brainnetome Center, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences  
  • 2011.02-2013.04 Postdoctoral researcher at National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences 


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Research Interests

  • My research interests mainly focus on human brain atlas and related clinical applications. 
  • Neuroanatomy and Neuroimaging  
  • Brain atlas and Connectivity-based brain parcellation  
  • Map the brain networks for mental illnesses 

Honors & Distinctions

He was involved in CAS Program of Youth Innovation Promotion Association, and obtained the Young Chinese Anatomical Scientist Award from the Chinese Society for Anatomical Sciences.