Prof. Dr. Zhichao DONG, 
Technical Institute of Physical Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Address: NO.29, Zhongguancun East Road, Beijng

Postcode: 100190

Research Areas


Biomimetic overflow interface and material

Overflow behavior of liquid at a curved surface or a surface border is a common phenomenon in many circumstances of daily life and industry. Accurate control of overflow is beneficial for improving the convenience of our daily life and efficiency of production, thus has great importance not only for enhancing existing applications but for creating new products. The effect of surface wettability on overflow has not been paid enough attention in the past, however, as the development of construction techniques, especially 3D printing and micro/nanofabrication, of superwettable surfaces and the understanding of the dynamic interfacial wetting properties, the potential of surface wettability and structure on the overflow control has gained great recognition in the recent decade. Our group focuses on the evolution of the understanding of overflow phenomenon, and innovates the control techniques of overflow behavior from aspects including the bioinspired idea, the fabrication of superwettable surfaces, the exploration of control mechanisms, etc.

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Mimetic natural fig leaf morphology to achieve effective drip irrigation.

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Description unavailable

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figure 5

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figure 1

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