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Experimental particle physics


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Dong Liaoyuan, obtained his PHD degree in   Particle Physics from IHEP, CAS in 1998. He started as professor   at IHEP since 2009. He was a postdoctoral research associate at Iowa State University,   USA (2004-2009); an associate professor at IHEP, CAS (2000-2004); a postdoctoral   researcher at China Center of Advanced Science and Technology (1998-2000); a visiting  scholar at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), England (12 months in 1999-2002);   and a visiting scholar at High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK),   Japan (8 months in 2000-2003).  He served as convener of the Charm Physics Working Group of BESIII (2010-2013),  computing  coordinator of BESIII (2013-2020), deputy Physics Coordinator of BESIII (2020.7-2021.6), Physics Coordinator of BESIII (2021.7-2022.6), and convener of the Charm Physics Working Group since July 2022.

Areas of Research: Experimental particle physics.

Achievement and Experience: Dong Liaoyuan has been working   on data acquisition and data analysis on particle physics experiments at   electron-position collides since 1995.

He obtained many  important results in the fields of the Partial wave analysis of J/psi and D   meson decays and the Dalitz plot analysis of B meson decays. He received the   second prize of Natural Science Rewards of Chinese Academy Sciences in 2001,   and he has been served as a referee for Physics Review D, a journal of the   American Physics Society, since 2009.

While working in the BES and BESII experiments, he played a key role in many Partial partial wave analyses of J/psi decays, and he was the main contributor to the measurements of the mass, width and branching fractions of eta_c.

He was also involved in the Belle experiment at KEK and BABAR experiment at SLAC. His main physics focus at Belle was the D0-D0bar mixing, and his main physics focus at BABAR was in the area of the Dalitz plot analysis of B decays and the measurements of CKM angle gamma. He had served the coordinator of the   time-to-distance calibration and the operations manager for the Drift Chamber of the Babar detector.

As a member of the BES, BESII-III, BABAR and Belle collaborations, he has over 400 publications in the international core journals, of which, more than 30 publications (>870 citations in SCI) are mainly from his contributions.

Dong Liaoyuan is currently participating in the BESIII experiment, focusing on the study of the Charm physics, development of the physics analysis tools and the calibrations and Monte Carlo simulations.



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