Dongdai Lin
Professor and Director

Telephone: 010-82546566
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Address: A89 Min Zhuang Road, Haidian, Beijing 
Postcode: 100093

Research Areas

Security Protocol
Information Security


1980-1984: Department of Mathematics, Shandong University (B.S. Degree).
1984-1987: Institute of Systems Science, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (M.S. Degree).
1987-1990: Institute of Systems Science, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Ph. D Degree).


Work Experience
1990.7--- 2001.4: Worked in the Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as assistant professor, associate professor and professor successively. 
1994.4---1997.7: Postdoctoral fellow and visiting scholar in Nihon University, Japan. 
1999.9---2000.2: visiting professor of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Kent State University, USA. 
2001.5---2011.11: Professor of the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences.  
2012.12 --- Present: Professor and Director of  State Key Laboratory of Information Security, Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences


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Baofeng Wu, Qingfang Jin, Zhuojun Liu, Dongdai Lin: Constructing Boolean functions with potentially optimal algebraic immunity based on additive decompositions of finite fields (extended abstract). ISIT 2014: 1361-1365

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Dongdai Lin, Shouhuai Xu, Moti Yung (Eds.): Information Security and Cryptology - 9th International Conference, Inscrypt 2013, Guangzhou, China, November 27-30, 2013, Revised Selected Papers. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8567, Springer 2014, ISBN 978-3-319-12086-7