Zhengchao Chen, male, The Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)


Address: No.9 Dengzhuang South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100094, China

Research Areas

Radiometric calibration for remote sensing facility, Remote sensing image processing, Remote sensing information extraction based on deep learning

Master admissions

Background for recruiting master students: Remote sensing, IT and Geographic information system (GIS). 


2002-09--2005-03   PhD in The Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
1999-09--2002-06   Master in Wuhan University
1995-09--1999-06   Bachelor Henan Polytechnic University

Major for master student

070503-Cartography and geography information system

Admissions direction

(1) Quantitative processing and evaluation of remote sensing data

(2) Intelligent extraction of remote sensing information

Working experience

2013-02~2019-03, The Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Researcher
2007-12~2013-01, Earth Observation Center , Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Associate researcher
2005-04~2007-11, The Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Assistant research fellow


Principles and methods of hyperspectral remote sensing


​(1)The second prize of national scientific and technological progress award, National level, 2018
(2)The first prize of the outstanding achievement award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institutional level, 2016


(1) Vicarious Radiometric Calibration of the Hyperspectral Imaging Microsatellites SPARK-01 and -02 over Dunhuang, Remote Sensing, 2018, the third author.
(2) Evaluation of HJ-1A/B CCD surface reflectance products using the VNIR and MODIS-based atmospheric correction approaches, IEEE J. Sel. Topics Appl. Earth Observ., 2018, the first author.


(1) High precision calibration and inversion techniques, principal investigator, national level, 2016-07--2020-12

(2) Study on the replacement calibration model and method of hyperspectral remote sensing in orbit, principal investigator, national level, 2013-01--2016-12

(3) Rapid production system of global typical information products with remote sensing big data, principal investigator, ministerial level, 2018-01--2022-12

(4) In-orbit solution model for spectral response function of wide-band remote sensor, principal investigator, national level, 2010-01--2012-12

(5) Research on key technologies of small satellite radiation calibration in no-star calibration system, principal investigator, national level, 2007-01--2009-06

(6) Remote sensing equipment image quality evaluation support subsystemprincipal investigator, national level, 2010-01--2014-12

(7) High-stakes air load data inspection and collaborative rapid processing technology research (image quality evaluation)principal investigator, national level, 2012-01--2015-12

(8) Remote Sensing Monitoring and Analysis of Land Rehabilitation Project, principal investigator, 

provincial level, 2014-01--2015-12

(9) River illegal building detection and mappingprincipal investigator, provincial level2013-01--2015-12



卢凯旋  硕士研究生  070503-地图学与地理信息系统  

徐加飞  硕士研究生  085215-测绘工程  

昝露洋  硕士研究生  085215-测绘工程  


姚沐风  硕士研究生  085215-测绘工程  

帅越  硕士研究生  085215-测绘工程