Wei Dai

 Prof. Dr.

Research Areas

Cryogenic coolers, Solid-state coolers, thermoacoustics, heat transfer



Bachelor degree on Refrigeration and Cryogenics with A second bachelor degree on Automatic Control, Shanghai Jiaotong University


Ph.D on Cryogenics, majored in pulse tube coolers, Shanghai Jiaotong University


Post-doc in the lab of Prof. Yoichi Matsubara of Nihon University of Japan, worked on thermally-driven VM type pulse tube cooler and thermoacoustic engines


Work Experience


Associate professor in Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences


Professor in Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences.



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Students that have graduated

张宇坤  硕士研究生  080705-制冷及低温工程  Master  

林枭健  硕士研究生  080705-制冷及低温工程  Master

王海敏  硕士研究生  080705-制冷及低温工程  Master

李珂  博士研究生  080705-制冷及低温工程     Ph.D

赵月晶  博士研究生  080701-工程热物理        Ph.D

李小伟  博士研究生  080701-工程热物理        Ph.D 

Students under supervision

庞晓敏  博士研究生  080701-工程热物理        Ph.D student 

闫存刚  硕士研究生  080701-工程热物理        Master student

王亚男  博士研究生  080701-工程热物理        Ph.D student

崔运浩  硕士研究生  080701-工程热物理        Master student  

刘冬冬  博士研究生  080701-工程热物理        Ph.D student