Mingshui Chen

Professor, Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS 

Telephone: 010-88234620
Address: 19B Yuquan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing
Postcode: 100049

CERN office: B40-R-A16

Research Areas

TeV experimental physics

Higgs properties, and searches for new physics beyond the Standard Model

Detector R&D


2004-2009, IHEP, CAS, Ph.D.  

​2000-2004, Tsinghua University, B.S.  


Member of CMS collaboration since 2006, involved in the installation and commissioning of CMS detectors, made significant contributions to searches for Higgs boson through H->ZZ->4l and combination of all channels, measurements of Higgs properties measurements and BSM searches. 

2020.3-now, CMS IHEP-Beijing team leader

2018.09-2020.3, CMS IHEP-Beijing deputy team leader

2016.12-now, Professor of IHEP, CAS 

2013.07-2016.12, Associate Professor of IHEP, CAS Hundred Talent Program

2009.07-2013.07, Postdoc of University of Florida, based at CERN

2013-2017, Member of CMS Statistics Committee

2014.01-2015.12, co-convener of CMS Higgs Combination and Properties group

2016.01-2018.12, co-convener of WG2 (Higgs Properties) of LHC Higgs Working Group

Honors & Distinctions

(1) Young Researcher Prize, CMS Collaboration, 2017

(2) Young Top-notch Talent Prize, CAS Center for Excellence in Particle Physics, 2014

  (3)  CAS Hundred Talent Program, 2014


Co-author of CMS publications since 2008.



(1)Higgs properties II - Higgs combinations,   LHCP2017,   Shanghai
(2)Combined results of the 126 GeV Higgs boson couplings using all decay channels measured by the CMS detector, Valencia
(3)Combination and interpretation of Scalar Boson search results from CMS,   Rencontres de Moriond EW 2013,  Italy