曹长乾 男 汉族 地质与地球物理研究所
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Address: 北京市朝阳区北土城西路19号
Postcode: 100029

Research Areas

(1) Biomineralization and magnetic proteins. I am interested in genetic engineering biomineralization protein for biomimetic synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles. In the past few years, we successfully synthesized magnetoferritin (M-HFn) nanoparticles using genetic engineering human H-chain ferritin as a biotemplate. The core of M-HFn nanoparticle is composed of magnetite nanoparticle with narrow size distribution and high crystallity. Recently, we also use ferritin and other protein to synthesize other different kinds of magnetic nanoparticles.

(2) Nanomagnetism. I especially interested in magnetic characterization of various biomineralized magnetic nanoparticles and their application in nanodevices such as magnetic sensor.

(3) Nanomedicine. My group is investigating of biomagnetic nanoparticles in early diagnosis and therapy of cancer. Recently, we found that The avascular microscopic breast and brain tumors (<1–2 mm diameter) can be noninvasively detected by designing human heavy-chain ferritin (HFn)-based nanoparticles as molecular probes for near-infrared fluorescence and magnetic resonance imaging. The intravenously injected HFn-based nano?particles (Cy5.5–HFn and M–HFn) can cross the endothelium, epithelium, and blood–brain barriers and be internalized into tumor cells.


  • 2006, B.Sc. (Veterinary), Shenyang Agricultural University
  • 2011, Ph. D. (Geobiology), Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


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