Dr Baolin Tan

Professor,PhD Supervisor, Key Laboratory of Solar Activity, National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chief Professor of Plasma Astrophysics, School of Astronomy and Space Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Email: bltan@nao.cas.cn
Telephone: 64860323
Address: Datun Road 20A, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Postcode:  100012

Research Areas

1. Plasma astrophysics:Solar and stellar coronal heating mechanism, triggering mechanism of astro-plasma instabilities and energy release processes, the physics of multi-timescale solar cycles  

2. Solar radio astronomy: physics of solar radio spectral fine structures, solar small-scale bursts and the related turbulence, precursors of solar flares, particle acceleration


2004/02-2006/07:  PhD in Astrophysics, Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

2000/09-2003/06: M.S. in Plasma physics of Nuclear Fusion, South-western Institute of Physics

1983/09-1987/06: B.S. in Minerial Deposit Geology, China University of Geology in Wuhan


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