Ali Esamdin
Senior Researcher
Ph.D. Supervisor
Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory
Telephone: 0991-3689022
Address: 150 Science-1 Street, Xinshiqu, Urumqi, Xinjiang
Postcode: 830011

Research Areas

Astrophysics, Time-domian Astronomy


2000.09-2004.06  Peking University, PhD in Astronomy
1987.09-1991.07  Peking Normal University, BS in Astronomy


2011-               Senior Researcher, Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, CAS
2001-2011       Associate Researcher, Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, CAS
2005.04-06        Visiting Scholar, Manchester University, UK
2002.11-2003.11 Visiting Scholar, Manchester University, UK
1991-2001       Research Assistant, Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, CAS



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Research Interests

Time-domain astronomy; optical and radio transients; compact stars; optic and radio observations.