Yuanjun Guo 

PhD/Associate Professor

Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Areas

My research mainly focus on data-driven modeling methods, big data analysis, deep learning neural network and many other popular artificial intelligence methods, including principal component analysis, input variable selection, neural network multi-layer model structure rapid selection method and intelligent optimization algorithms, with applications in smart grid fault diagnosis, optimal scheduling, load prediction and other aspects of new energy power system, etc.


2011-09--2015-07   Queen's University of Belfast PhD
2008-09--2011-06   Chongqing University Msc
2004-09--2008-06   Chongqing University Bsc


Work Experience

2019-11~Untill now, Associate professor, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2015-09~2019-11, Assistant professor, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences



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Cooperative universities: 

Overseas: University of Leeds, Queen's University Belfast, Cardiff University, etc. 

Mainland: Northeast Dianli University, North China Electric Power University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shanghai University, Zhengzhou University;  Taiyuan institute of technology,

Cooperative Enterprises: 

State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, CHINA GUANGDONG NUCLEAR POWER GROUP, Shenzhen City Security Institute, etc