WANG Shuping
Associate Professor 
College of Resources and Environment
Telephone: +86-10-88256376
Mobile phone:
Address: 19A Yuquan Road, Beijing
Postcode: 100049 

Research Areas

Soil Ecology
Nutrient cycle; Influence of agricultural measurements on soil microbial community
Agricultural Resources and Environment
Environmental fate of nitrogen, phosphorus and antibiotics in fertilizer and livestock and poultry excretion


BS and MS, Jilin Agricultural University, 1985 and 1991
PhD, Shenyang Agricultural University, 1999


Work Experience
Associate Professor, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 2004-Present
Associate Professor, Jilin Agricultural University, 1998-2004
Post-doctor, Research Center for Plant Ecology, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2000- 2003
Teaching Experience
832002Y  Soil Ecology, 2004-present
832005Y  Research Methodos of Soil and Plant Nutrition, 2004-present
823014Y  Experiment of Ecology, 2009- present


Selected Papers
1.Hao Cui, Shu-Ping Wang**, Shu-Gang Jia, Na Zhang & Zhi-Qiang Zhou. Influence of ciprofloxacin on the microbial catabolic diversity in soil.Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B. 2013,48(10):869~877. Download
2.Cui Hao, Wang Shuping. 2012. Adsorption Characteristics of iprofloxacin in Ustic Cambosols.Envirionmental Science, 33(8):333~338. (in Chinese with English abstract) Download 
3.Cui Hao, Wang Shuping. 2012. Review on Ecotoxicity of Antibiotics and Its Molecular Biomarkers in Soil. Asian Jurnal of Ecotoxicology. 7(2):113~122. (in Chinese with English abstract)  Download
4.Shi Peng, Wang Shuping, 2011. Effects of three planting patterns on soil microbial community Composition. Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology. 35 (9): 965~972. (in Chinese with English abstract)  Download
5.Wang Huihui,Wang Shuping.2011. Residue Antibiotics in Livestock and Poultry Excretion and Related Control Technologies: A Review. Chinese Journal of Soil Science, 42(1):250~256. (in Chinese with English abstract)  Download
6.Shi Peng, Wang Shuping, 2010. Effects of continuous cropping of corn on microbial community functional diversity. Acta Ecologica Sinca, 30(22):6173~6182. (in Chinese with English abstract)  Download
7.Wang Huihui,Hu Zhengyi,Wang 2010. Environmental fate of released nitrogen from scattered-feeding duck-feces during rainy seasons in the Baiyangdian Lake Region. Chinese Journal of Eco-Agriculture, 18(6):1289~1294. (in Chinese with English abstract)  Download
8.Shan Feng, Wang 2009. Temporal2Spatial Variability of Nitrogen in Surface Water of Paddy Fields in Taihu Region. Journal of Jilin Agricultural University, 31(3):284~290. (in Chinese with English abstract)
9.Wang Shuping, Zhou Guangsheng, Gao Suhua & Guo Jianping. 2005.Soil Organic Carbon and Labile Carbon Along a Precipitation Gradient and Their Responses to Some Environmental Changes. Pedosphere,15(5):676~680.
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