Jiang Zhigang (Professor, Supervisor of Ph. D.) Institute of Zoology
Telephone: + 86 - 10 - 6480 7268
Fax: +86 - 10 - 6480 7099 
Address: Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 Beichen Xilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101.

Research Areas

1 ) Animal Behavior; 2) Ecology; 3 ) Conservation Biology 


Ph. D.; Wildlife Management and Ecology, University of Alberta, Canada; 1993

M. Sc.; Ecology, Northwest Plateau Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; 1984

B. Sc.; Animal Science, Hunan Agricultural University; 1981


1996- Professor, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2008-2009 Biodiversity Specialist, EU-China Biodiversity Program at the Headwater of Huai River
2002-2003 Biodiversity Specialist, EU-China Biodiversity Program
1994-1996 Associate Professor, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
1993-1994 Post doctor fellow, Wildlife Productivity and Management, University of Alberta, Canada
1989-1994 Ph D. Candidate, Wildlife Productivity and Management, University of Alberta, Canada
1987-1989 Graduate Student, Department of Zoology, University of Alberta, Canada
1985-1987 Research Associate, Department of Ecology, Northwest Institute of Biology, CAS
1982-1984 Graduate Student, Master of Science, CAS
1978-1981 Undergraduate Student, Department of Animal Science, Hunan Agricultural University
Work Experience
Since 1984, I have been working on ecology, biodiversity and conservation issues. My students and I have carried out studies on conservation issues related to endangered mammals in China, my research interests are also extended to study of the habitat conservation of giant panda as well as nature reserve design in relation to wildlife management. My students and I surveyed the biodiversity of the Tiankengdafeng region, a candidate site for World Nature Heritage, Longxi-Hongkou, Taohongling and Laoxiancheng natural reserves and finished a three-year wildlife monitoring program for the Mt. Wuyishan, a Natural Heritage site in Southeast China. I was a visiting scientist of Department of Zoology, Uppsala University, Sweden and Department of Zoology, Cambridge University, UK and collaborated with Dr. Frederic Wideom and Prof. Tim Clutton-Brock. I served as the Chairman of the Department of Conservation Biology in the Institute of Zoology from 1994 to 2000. Since 1999, I have been serving as the Executive Director of the CITES Scientific Authority of China (Endangered Species Scientific Commission of China, ESSC); I am familiar with international biodiversity conservation related issues. I served on the National Nature Reserve Commission of China for eight years, surveyed more than 100 natural reserves during that period and was responsible for evaluating about 20 new National Nature Reserves, including the largest reserves like Qinagtang Natural Reserve, Kekexili Natural Reserve on the Tibetan Plateau. During 2003-2004, I also worked for European Union as Biodiversity Specialist, together with the EU Biodiversity team, we designed the EU-China Biodiversity Capacity Building Project which was signed by the EU Commission and Chinese government in 2004. Since 1994, I have successfully applied for 29 research grants from domestic and internationally funding agencies, including China National Science Foundation, National Geographic Society, Sir Peter Scot Fund, German Zoological Society for Species and Population Conservation, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and Trust Fund of CITES. During the past ten years, I have coordinated a key basic research project (2001-2005), Mechanism of Species Endangerment and Conservation Measures, of National Ministry of Science and Technology and two other basic research projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Teaching Experience
1) Conservation Biology; 2) Animal Behavior; 3) Advances in Modern Zoology; 4) Conservation Ecology; 50Current Ecology

Honors & Distinctions

2013 Natioanl Distinguished Scientific Worker, China Association of Science and Techanology
2011 Science Prize of Pere David’s Deer Conservation, Dafeng National Nature Reserve
2006 "Significant Contribution to National Nature Reserve" jointly awarded by the State Environmental Protection Administration, State Forestry Administration, Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Resources, State Oceanic Administration, Ministry of Water Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2006 Whitley Award by Whitley Fund for Nature.
2004 IUCN Species Survival Commission:Sir. Peter Scott Grant.
2002 Huawei’s Outstanding Graduate Instructor Award.
2001 "Man and Nature Encyclopedia Series" won second prize of National Excellent Popular Science Books 1999 Outstanding Research Team Funded by Hundred Talents Program of CAS"
1999 Accreditati on Certificate by the National Nature Reserve in recognition of Honorary Member
1998 "Conservation Biology" Technology Books by the excellent first prize in East China
1998 Certificate by the China Association for Science and Technology International Biology Olympiad Team
1997 Special Allowance for Outstanding Science ans Technology by the State Council


Scientific Papers

Scientific Publications (*author of correspondence)



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Research Interests

My main interests focus on the wild fauna and its conservation, particularly the endangered mammals. My students and I have been working on the Przewalski’s gazelle, Tibetan gazelle, Tibetan antelope, Mongolian wild asses, argali, blue sheep, yak, goral, wild sika deer, white-lipped deer and Père David’s deer, our study also extends to snow leopards, brown bear, and tiger in recent years. My students and I also studied the structure and function of plateau ecosystems; the diversity of mammalian fauna and its habitats in broad-leafed forests in China; structure and patter of mammalian and avian diversity in China; breeding behavior, mating systems, and management of genetic diversity; endocrinology and its modulation of animal behavior; behavioral adaptation to environment; behavior changes in captive bred animals; family energy consumption patterns and human-wildlife conflicts and the management of nature reserves, impacts of international trade and global change on wildlife, non-detrimental finding of wild species in trade and criteria for endangered and threatened species.


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