Lan Cuo, Professor, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Tel: 010-84097091

Address: Building 3, Courtyard 16, Lincui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100101

Research Areas

Surface hydrology, Climate change, land cover change, hydrometeorology


Aug. 1999 - Sep. 2005, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA, PhD

Sep. 1993 - Sep. 1996, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, Jiangsu, China, Ms.

Sep. 1988 - Jul. 1993, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, Jiangsu, China, Bachelor


Associate editor of Scientific Reports for 2018-2020

Work Experience

Sep. 2010 - present, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor

Feb. 2010 - Aug. 2010, Australia CSIRO, Research Scientist

May 2009 - Dec. 2009, University of Victoria, Canada, post-doc

Oct. 2005 - Apr. 2009, Unversity of Washington at Seattle, USA, post-doc

Jul. 1996 - Aug. 1999, Qinghai Meteorological Bureau, engineer

Teaching Experience

Currently teaching Global Change, Chapter 5 Hydrological Cycle under Global Change for international students


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Research Interests

See research area


Department of Geography, UCLA, USA


BOM, Australia



朱陵晶  博士研究生  070602-大气物理学与大气环境  


朱付欣  博士研究生  070501-自然地理学  

李宁  硕士研究生  070501-自然地理学  

刘哲  博士研究生  070501-自然地理学  

丁劲  博士研究生  070501-自然地理学  

Honors & Distinctions

  (1)   The CAS excellent Hundred Talent nominee, 2016

  (2) Excellent Youth award by the China Society on Tibetan Plateau,  2015

(3) US National Center for Atmospheric Research visitor travel fund, 2014