Lili Jiang 
Postdoctoral fellowship
College of of Resources and Environment
Email: lljiang(at)
Telephone: +86-10-88256341
Address: No.19A, Yuquan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing 100049, China

Research Areas

Ecosystem ecology; grassland ecology; plant-soil feedback; ecosystem C and N cycling


Ph.D., State Key Laboratory of Vegetation and Environmental Change, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Environmental Engineering, 2010
MSc, Inner Mongolia Normal University, 2000
BS, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, 1997


1. Lili Jiang, Xingguo Han, Paul Kardol. Soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics in a temperate steppe in northern China: effects of plant species and land-use history. Plant and Soil, DOI 10.1007/s11104-011-0822-y
2. Lili Jiang, Xingguo Han, Guangming Zhang, Paul Kardol. The role of plant-soil feedbacks in restoration of a temperate steppe in northern China. Ecological Research, 2010, 25: 1101-1111.
3. BAI Yin, BAO Ying-hua, WANG Wen-quan, JIANG Li-li, YAN Yu-ning Analysis of the Phylogenetic Relationship of Dendrobium in China by AFLP Technique. Acta Horticulturae Sinica 2007, 35: 1569-157.
4. J. Z. Wang, Z. Y. Hu*, X. Q. Zhou, Z. Z. An, J. F. Gao, X. N. Liu, L. L. Jiang, J. Lu, X. M. Kang, M. Li, Y. B. Hao, P. Kardol. Effects of Reed Straw, Zeolite, and Superphosphate Amendments on NH3 and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Stored Duck Manure. Journal of Environmental Quality (accept) .
5. Ming Li, Lili Jiang, Yichao Rui, Lei Zhong, Jinzhi Wang, Zhaojun Sun, Yanfen Wang, Paul Kardol. Effect of flue gas desulphurization gypsum by-products on microbial biomass and community structure in alkaline-saline soils. Journal of soils and sediments (accept ).

Ming Li, Zhaojun Sun, Jinzhi Wang, Lili Jiang, Yan fen Wang. A method of efficient extraction PLFA. Patent number: 201110133719.9