Jiang Gaoming  
Telephone: 010-62836286
Address: No.2, beiyitiao Alley, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Postcode: 100044

Research Areas

Plant Ecology, Plant Ecophysiology, Pollution Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation, Nature Conservation

Main Working Experiences

1988.9~1990.1 Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research Assistant
1990.9~1993.7 Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research Associate
1991.7~1992.7 Department of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology, the University of Liverpool, Visiting Scholar
1994.1~1997.12 Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor
1995.10~1996.5 Biosphere 2 Research and Education Center, Columbia University, Senior Visiting Scholar  
1998.1~ Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor

Honors & Distinctions

First-class Award by the National Environment Protection Agency for the Project of Sino-British Collaborate Research on Ecology and Environment Planning of Chengde City (1993, chief participator).


Main publications: Some 150 papers have been published both in China and abroad since 1985, among which 46 are the core journal papers in China, and 73 in SCI international journals papers. Most of the publications are concerned with Plant Ecology, Plant Ecophysiology and Ecosystem Management. The followings are some main publications (* Correspondence author).

1. Wang Bingxue & Gaoming Jiang*. 2010. Effect of chicken litter on grassland productivity
and environmental quality in a sandland ecosystem. Acta Ecologica Sinica, 31(1): 14-23.
2. Li Yong, Li Caihong, Zheng Yanhai, Wu Guanglei, Wuyun Tana, Xu Hong, He Xinhua & Jiang Gaoming *. 2010. Cadmium pollution enhanced ozone damage to crops: biochemical and physiological evidences in winter wheat. Journal of Environmental Science, 23(2): 255-265.
3. Chen Shengbin, Jiang Gaoming*, Ouyang Zhiyun, Xu Weihua & Xiao Yi. 2011. Relative importance of water, energy, and heterogeneity in determing regional pteridophyte and seed plant richness in China. Journal of Sysmatics and Evolution, 49(2): 95-107.
4. Zheng Y.H., Li Z.F., Feng S.F., Lucas M., Wu G.L., Li Y., Li C.H. & Jiang G.M* 2010. Biomass energy utilization in rural areas may contribute to alleviating energy crisis and global warming: A case study in a typical agro-village of Shandong, China. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 14:3132-3139.
5. Wang R.F, D.G. An, Q.E. Xie, Wang K.J. & Jiang G.M.*. 2009. Leaf photosynthesis is enhanced in normal oil maize pollinated by high oil maize hybrids. Industrial Crops and Products, 29(1): 182-188.
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9. Zheng Yanhai, Xu Xianbin, Li,Zongfeng & Jiang Gaoming*. 2009. Differential responses of grain yield and quality to salinity between contrasting winter wheat cultivars. Seed Science and Biotechnology 3(2): 40-43.
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11. Zheng Y.H., Xu X.B, Wang .Y., Zheng X.H., Li Z.J. & Jiang GM*. 2009. Responses of salt-tolerant and intolerant wheat genetypes to sodium chloride: photosysthesisi, antioxidants activities, and yield. Photosynthetica, 47: 87-94.
12. Biwas D. K., Xu H., Li Y. G., Sun J. Z., Wang X. Z., Han X. G. & Jiang G. M*. 2008. Genotypic differences in leaf biochemical, physiological and growth responses to ozone in 20 winter wheat cultivars released over the past 60 years. Global Change Biology 14: 46-59.
13. Biswas D.K., Xu H, Li Y.G., Liu M.Z., Chen Y.H., Sun J.Z. & Jiang G.M. 2008. Assessing the genetic relatedness of higher ozone sensitivity of modern wheat to its wild and cultivated progenitors/relatives. Journal of Experimental Botany 59: 951-963.
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18. Wang Guangmei, Jiang Gaoming, Yu Shunli, Li Yinghao and Liu Hui. 2008. Invasion possibility and potential impacts of Rhus typhina Beijing municipality. 2008. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology (accepted)
19. Ding, L, Wang, KJ, Jiang, GM*, Biswas, DK, Xu, H, Li, LF, Li, YH. 2008. Low nitrogen tolerance in tropical quality protein maize (Zea mays L.): value of predictive traits. Cereal Research Communications (publishing online)
20. Yanbin Hao,Yanfen Wang,Xiangzhong Huang ,Xiaoyong Cui,Xiaoqi Zhou, Shiping Wang, Haishan Niu, Gaoming Jiang. 2007. Seasonal and interannual variation in water vapor and energy exchange over a typical steppe in Inner Mongolia, China. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 146(1-2): 57-69.
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Research Project

973 Project
2000-2005 ‘The High Efficient Energy-Convert Mechanism of Photosynthesis and Its Utilization in Agriculture' supported by National Basic Research Program of China Project, chief investigator 

863 project
2003-2005 ‘Study on the Technology and Mechanism of Using Plant Community in Intensifying the Treatment of Eutrophied Water Bodies' hosted by Jiang Gaoming researcher ;
2003-2005 ‘the Ecological Effect of Submerged Plant Community and Float Plant Community and Their Application in the Restoration of Degraded Taihu Lake Ecosystem' hosted by Jiang Gaoming;
2004-2005 ‘Dynamic Monitoring of Treatment on River Pollutant in Lakeside Zone and Eco-physiology Study on Aquatic Plant' Project principle,

National Key Project of Ministry of Science and Technology
2008-2010:Demonstration experiment on the restoration of degraded ecosystem in natural reserve (2008BADB0B05),4.10 billion RMB,head of the project

UNESCO project
2009~2012 Hunshandake Sand area/Xilin Gol Biosphere Reserve in China UNESCO Project Sustainable Management of Marginal Drylands (SUMAMAD), Phase II, hosted by Jiang Gaoming
2004~2001 Hunshandake Sand area/Xilin Gol Biosphere Reserve in China UNESCO Project Sustainable Management of Marginal Drylands (SUMAMAD), Phase I, hosted by Jiang Gaoming

Chinese Academy of Science Key Project
2005~2010 ‘Comprehensive Research and Demonstration Experiment on Treatment of Wind Sand Storm and Land Degradation in Hunshandake Sand area by Creative Key Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
2000~2004 ‘Comprehensive Research and Demonstration Experiment on Treatment of Wind Sand Storm and Land Degradation in the Inner Mongolia Area' supported by Creative Key Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
2002~2003 Program of ‘Standard Methods of Long-term Monitoring of Grassland Ecosystem in China ‘supported by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology'
2002~2003 Program of President Funds of Chinese Academy of Sciences ‘the Relationship between Sulfur and Community Succession in the Inner Mongolia Steppe'
2002 ~ 2005 Key Program of Innovative Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences ‘the Relationships a mong Functional Groups and Their Roles in the Grazing Ecosystem in the Inner Mongolia Steppe'
2002 ‘Demonstration and Study of the Key Technology in Breeding Ornamental Plants' support by Agriculture Project Office, Chinese Academe of Science
Project of the National Natural Science of Foundation of China
2006-2008 ‘Water factor derived Ulmus Pumila Forests Forming Mechanism in Hunshandak Sand land' Hosted by Liu Meizhen
2005-2007 ‘he Water Redistribution and Utilization Pattern among Community of Hunshandak Plant' second host, Liu Meizhen
2006-2008 ‘Study on Global Change Ecology of Northern Grassland' Jiang Gaoming ( Creative Team of National Nature Science of Foundation, hosted by Han Xingguo)
2003-2006 ‘the Greenhouse Atmosphere Exchange Process of Typical Soil-Grass-Livestock System and Its Regulation' hosted by Wang Shiping
2003-2005 ‘the Carbon and Nitrogen metabolism Response of Wheat in Grain Filling Stage to High Temperature Stress' Hosted by Li Yonggeng
2002-2005 ‘The Physiological Mechanism for Photosynthetic Efficiency Improvement during the Subrogating of Maize Species and its relationship with production' hosted by Wang Kongjun

Social Plurality

Member of Plant Ecology Branch, the Chinese Association of Botany; Member of Ecotourism Branch (1994-), the Vice Secretary-General of Ecology Society of China (2004-); Standing Editor Member for Acta Phytoecologica Sinica (1994-); Associate Editor for Chinese Bulletin of Botany (1997-); Editor board of Chinese Journal of Ecology (2001-), Member of Beijing Association of Botany (1998-); President of the Chinese Young Plant Ecologist Association (1994-2000); Professor of Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (1998-), Vice Secretary-General, China Biodiversity Conservation Fund (2000-); Vice Secretary-General, China-MAB Committee, UNESCO (2000-2008); Member of Urban Working Group, MAB, UNESCO (2000-).



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原寒  硕士研究生  071300-生态学  


岑宇  博士研究生  071300-生态学  

谷仙  博士研究生  071300-生态学  

吴志远  硕士研究生  071300-生态学  

张易成  硕士研究生  071300-生态学  

崔晓辉  博士研究生  071300-生态学  

周改芳  硕士研究生  071300-生态学  

王岚  博士研究生  071300-生态学  

秦天羽  博士研究生  071300-生态学