Yufu Chen
Telephone:  010-88256306
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Address:  Yuquan road 19A, Shijingshan domain, Beijing, China
Postcode:  100049

Research Areas

Symbolic computation, Differential algebra, numeric computation algorithm


Phd, Department of Applied Mathematics, Dalian University, 1996.9~1999.7
Master, Department of Mathematics, West Sothen Normal University,  
Bachelor, Department of Mathematics, Bohai University, 1978.3~1982.1


1976.9~1978.2,  middle school teacher, Liaoning province;
1982.1~1999.9, teaching assistant, lecturer, associate professor, professor, 
                              Department of mathematics, Bohai University, Liaoning 
1999.10~2001.6,  Post Doctor,  Academy of Mathematics and Systems 
                              Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2001.7~              professor, School of Mathematical Sciences, Graduate 
                             University, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


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Research Interests

Algorithms, Optimal Theory, Symbolic Computation, Differential Algebra,


Graduate Students

Meng Xiaohui,  Phd.   070104-Applied Mathematics  

Jia Yifeng,   Phd. 070104-Applied Mathematics

Chen Bo,  Master,  070104-Applied Mathematics  

Yong Xuelin, Phd. 070104-Applied Mathematics  

Zhao Shengjie, Phd. 070104-Applied Mathematics  

Yin Junwei, Master,  070104-Applied Mathematics  

Wu Jie,  Master,  070104-Applied Mathematics 

Zhang Zhiyong, Phd. 070104-Applied Mathematics  

Chen Xiaohua, Master,  070104-Applied Mathematics  

Ungraduate Students

Gao Ben,  Phd. 070104-Applied Mathematics

Liu Chengbao,  Phd. 070104-Applied Mathematics  

Zheng Jia,  Phd. 070104-Applied Mathematics 

Song Jia, Phd. 070104-Applied Mathematics  

Wang Chenglong, Master,   070104-Applied Mathematics