Zhang, Hongxun
Dr. Professor
Tel: 86-10-88256151
Email: hxzhang@ucas.ac.cn
Address: 19 A Yuquan Road, Beijing, 100049 


Dr.Hongxun Zhang graduated from the Chemistry Department of Jilin University where he was major in biochemistry and received his Ph.D in environmental sciences from GUCAS. He worked at the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences(RCEES), Chinese Academy of Sciences for 30 years, where he was a head of laboratory of environmental biotechnology as research professor during 1994-2004 and Chairman of Microbial Ecology of ESA(ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF CHINA) during 2001-2005. As a visiting scientist, he worked in GSF of Germany in 1984-1985, JICA program of Japan in 1989-1990 and Iowa State University of USA in 2001. In 2004, he moved to GUCAS and joined the faculty as a professor for teaching environmental microbiology and appointed executive Dean of College of Resources and Environment of GUCAS in 2009-2012. He also has a joint position at the Qingdao Institute of Bio-energy & Bioprocess Technology of CAS and serves on the editorial boards of some journals such as the “the ISME journal”, “Chinese Journal of Process Engineering”, “Chinese Journal of Ecology” and so on.

Dr. Zhang’s research interests cover environmental microbiology, microbial ecology and fermentation technology. He achieved several grants from the Minister of science and technology of China (MOST) and Chinese academy of sciences (CAS), which include “New process of citric acid isolation” from National Key Technologies R&D Program, “Induced resistance to plant disease by pectinase extracts from Aspergillus fermentation“ from National High-tech R&D Program (863 program) and “Levoglucosan preparation by pyrolysis of cellulosic biomass” from CAS. In 1997, he received the award of “the State Council special allowance”. So far, he has published more than 80 papers and obtained 8 Chinese invention patents granted, with more than 20 pending.

His current research subjects have “Levoglucosan and his kinase gene as a tracer of cellulosic biomass burning” granted by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), “Application of microbial technology to equipment of wastewater treatment ” granted by National Key Technology R&D Program and “Diversity of microorganisms in Soil and water of Zoige Wetland” granted by Chinese Academy of Sciences.


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