Chen Ningsheng, Ph.D.  Academy of Sciences Chengdu Institute of mountain hazards and environment


Correspondence address: #.9, Block 4 , Renminnanlu Road, Chengdu,China

Zip code: 610041

Research Areas

Prevention and control of mountain hazards


1981.09--1985.07,undergraduate,Chengdu University of Technology

1988.09--1991.07, Post-Graduate, University of Science and Technology of China

2002.09--2006.07,Doctor Graduate,University of Science and Technology of China


1985.07--1988.08 Chengdu University of Technology    Teacher; 

1991.07---                   Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment,CAS     Researcher



1.A rational method for estimating maximum discharge of a landslide-induced debris flow: A case study from southwestern China,2007

2.The processed and mechanism of failure and debris flow initiation for gravel soil with different clay content,2010

3.Effects of human activity on erosion, sedimentation and debris flow activity: A case study of the Qionghai Lake watershed, southeastern Tibetan Plateau, China,2015


Dammed Lake and Risk Management, Science Press,2013

Investigation Technlogy for Debris Flows,Science Press,2011.

Research and Prevention of Debris Flow in national Parks,Science Press,2005

Research Interests

Physical geography

Geotechnical engineering


International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development 


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Wei Xueli 0219272

Yang Chenglin 0219144

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Zhou Wei 0119272

Zhou Haibo 0219272

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