Hong LIU

Title: Professor

Phone: +86-23-65935801


Address: 266 Fangzheng Avenue, Chongqing, China, 400714

Research Areas

Prof. Hong Liu performed his research on electrochemical technologies and principles for the treatment of high concentration organic wastewater. He developed the novel E-Fenton process with the reaction-controlled pH adjustment that free of chemical addition, established a dynamic model of reaction rate control steps in photocatalytic wastewater treatment, set up a pilot-scale demonstration base for landfill leachate treatment in Chongqing, and output a first BODQ measurement instrument in light of new principle and method. His research activity mainly including:

1. Transformation mechanism of typical toxic chemicals in aqueous system of the Three Gorges Reservoir

2. Development of the innovative advanced oxidation technologies for controlling of environmental micro-pollutants

3. Development and application of fast and accurate instrument for biodegradable organic matter determination

4. Demonstration and promotion of combined technology for landfill leachate treatment


1996-03--1999-07   Zhejiang University      Ph. D

1993-09--1996-03   Zhejiang University      Master degree

1989-09--1993-07   Southwest University   Bachelor degree


Work Experience

2011-10~Now,        Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor

2009-01~2011-10,  Sun Yat-sen University, Professor

2003-08~2008-12,  Sun Yat-sen University, Associate Professor

2001-08~2003-07,  Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Postdoctor

1999-07~2001-07,  Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Postdoctor



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Honors & Distinctions

2015  Executive Chair of 2015 International Symposium on Environmental Science and Technology

2014  Chongqing Municipal Natural Science Prize Class-2

          Member of Editorial Advisory Board of Current Green Chemistry

          Guest Editors of International Journal of Photoenergy

2013  Session Chair of International Conference on Sustainable Development in Building and Environment

          Guest Editors of Journal of Nanomaterials 

2012  Demonstration Project for the Practical Technology of Environmental Protection

2006  Guangdong Province Natural Science Prize Class-1