Xie Wei, male, Ph.D., Institute of Material Structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Mailing address: Quanzhou Equipment Manufacturing Research Institute, No.166 Xidong Road, Su Ne Community, Luoshan Street, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province

Research Areas

New energy electric vehicle main drive system

Industrial servo system

Robotic joint system


2010/10—2014/09  Universität der Bundeswehr München   Ph.D

2008/09—2010/09   Northwestern Polytechnical University         master

2003/09—2007/06   Northwestern Polytechnical University         Bachelor


Work Experience

2014/10—2017/09, Hitachi Europe Headquarters , Senior R&D Engineer 、Project Manager

2007-07—2008/08, Hainan Airlines, Maintenance Engineer

Teaching Experience
2016/01/31-current, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,Reviewer, 
2015/09/01-current, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics,Reviewer
2014/08/31-current, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications,Reviewer
2014/04/30-current, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics,Reviewer


(1) A Precise Voltage Distortion Compensation Strategy for Voltage Source Inverters, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2017, Corresponding Author
(2) Deadbeat model-predictive torque control with discrete space-vector modulation for pmsm drives, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2017,3rd author
(3) Dynamic Loss Minimization of Finite Control Set-Model Predictive Torque Control for Electric Drive System, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 2016, 1st author
(4) Comparison of Two Different IPM Traction Machines With Concentrated Winding, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2016, Corresponding Author
(5) Finite-Control-Set Model Predictive Torque Control With a Deadbeat Solution for PMSM Drives, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2015, 1st author
(6) Model-based predictive direct control strategies for electrical drives: an experimental evaluation of ptc and pcc methods, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2015, 4th author
(7) Position self-sensing evaluation of novel cw-ipmsms with an hf injection method, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 2014, 2nd author
(8) Reduction of low space harmonics for the fractional slot concentrated windings using a novel stator design, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 2014, 2nd author
(9) Improvement and comparison of efficiency and low cost drive system based on DTC and DTC-SVM, Electric Machines & Drives Conference, 2013, 1st author
(10) Analysis and improvement of high efficiency and low cost drive system based on direct torque control, European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, 2013, 1st author
(11) Analysis of losses in a novel IPMSM resulting from high-frequency injection for sensorless control, IEEE International Symposium on Sensorless Control for Electrical Drives and Predictive Control of Electrical Drives and Power Electronics, 2013, 3rd author
(12) Sensorless control of a novel IPMSM based on high-frequency injection, European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, 2013, 2nd author
(13) Analysis of high efficiency and low cost drive system of IPMSM by using two-steps model predictive torque control, Control Conference, 2013, 1st author
(14) Analytical method for predicting the air-gap flux density of Dual-Rotor Permanent-Magnet (DRPM) Machine, Xxth International Conference on Electrical Machines, 2012, 1st author


(1) Loss Minimizing Strategy of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines Using Improved Direct Torque and Flux Control 1., Shaker Verlag GmbH, 2015-06, 1st author

Research Interests

(1) The Chinese Academy of Sciences took the lead in the “Hundred Talents Program” Youth Juncai (C) candidate, Institute (School), 2017

(2) Fujian Institute of Physical Education (Haixi Institute) Quanzhou Equipment Manufacturing Research Institute “Introducing High-level Talents”, Provincial, 2017

(3) Hitachi Europe Headquarters “Outstanding Contribution Award”, Grand Prize, Other, 2016


(1)Analysis and Improvement of High Efficiency and Low Cost Drive System based on Direct Torque Control   2013-09-02
(2)Analysis of High Efficiency and Low Cost Drive System of IPMSM by Using Two-Steps Model Predictive Torque Control   2013-06-26
(3)Improvement and Comparison of Efficiency and Low Cost Drive System based on DTC and DTC-SVM   2013-05-13
(4)Analytical Method for Predicting the Air-Gap Flux Density of Dual-Rotor Permanent-Magnet (DRPM) Machine   2012-09-02



江景成  硕士研究生  085210-控制工程  

杜爱赫  硕士研究生  085210-控制工程