Daoben Zhu Professor, Academia of CAS    Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
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Research Areas

Organic Solids including Organic conductors, superconductors, high TC superconductors, Organic ferromagnets, fullerene and related compounds, molecular materials and devices)


M.S. 1968, East China Polytechnic University1977-1979, Research Scientist, Max-Planck-Institute, Helderberg, Germany. 1985-1986, Visiting Professor, Max-Planck-Institute, Helderberg, Germany


Work Experience
1992-2000, Director, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 1992-, Head of Organic Solids Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 2000-present, Deputy president of NNSFC. Member of National Superconductor Committee, China; Member of Specialist Evaluate Group of National Academic Degree Committee; Member of Chemist Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Member of Specialist Evaluate Group of National Postdoctoral Foundation; President of Chinese Chemical Society.  



Photoluminescence, electroluminescence, nonlinear optical, and humidity-sensitive properties of  poly(para-diethynylbenzene) prepared with nickel acetylide catalyst Adv.Mater., 2000, 12(1), 51-53

       Soluble europium complexes for light-emitting diodes Chem. Mater., 2000, 12(9), 2537-2541

       Parallrl molecular chains of organic thin film with electrical bistability Applied Physics Letters, 2000, 76, 18
       Self-assembly of uniform spherical aggregates of magnetic nanoparticles through p-p interactions Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2001, 40, 2135

       A new approach to 4-alkylthio-1,3-dithiolate-2-thione: an unusual reaction of a zinc complex of 1,3-dithiole-2-thione-4,5-dithiolate   Organic Letters, 2001, 3(12), 1941-1944

       Fluorescein-fullerene dyads: a new kind of fullerene dyad----synthesis and their photophysical properties Tetrahedron Lett., 2000, 41, 8559


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