Contact Information
Xianjue LUO, PhD
Associate Professor of Law
School of Public Policy and Administration
Telephone: +86-01-69671332 
Address: Rm 113, Xueyuan 1 Bldg, Yanqihu Campus, Beijing, China
Postcode: 101408

Research Areas

Antitrust Law
Copyright Law
Internet Law


Ph.D., Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2012
LLM, Foreign Affairs College, 1992
LLB, South-central Institute of Political Science and Law, 1989 


2003- Present, Associate Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, GUCAS
2005- Present, Legal Counsel of GUCAS
2007- 2008, Visiting Scholar, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2009- 2012, Deputy Director, Department of Law, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, GUCAS
2011- Present, Deputy Director, Deputy Director of GUCAS Centre for Competition Law
1993- 2003, Practicing Law as law firm partner, respectively in Beijing and Hainan Province
1992- 1993, In-house Counsel, China Machine-building International Corporation
Professional Memberships
Member of Council, Economic Law Research Association of China Law Society 
Member of Council, China Intellectual Property Law Society


Teaching Courses
1. Copyright Law 
2. Civil Law 
3. Seminar on the Frontiers of Copyright Law Related to Internet
Courses Taught
1. Contract Law 
2. Intellectual Property Law 
3. Criminal Law 
4. Introduction to Law

Dissertations Directed


张嘉容  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

张瑜  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

张传君  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

阮小英  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

陈艳  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

杨柯巍  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

胡桂生  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

吴伯乔  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

王自香  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

姬博川  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

秦龙秋  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

李尚鑫  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

胡志桐  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

田晶鑫  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

何卓耐  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

张嘉荣  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

杨成越  硕士研究生  030107-经济法学  

齐彬言  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

毛恒  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

于艳萍  硕士研究生  125200-公共管理  

张留辉  硕士研究生  125200-公共管理  


许航  硕士研究生  030107-经济法学  

杨舒婷  硕士研究生  030107-经济法学  

贾雁  硕士研究生  125200-公共管理  

迪丽娜尔  硕士研究生  030105-民商法学  

赵欣  硕士研究生  030107-经济法学  

冯继泽  硕士研究生  030107-经济法学  

王茜  硕士研究生  030107-经济法学  

Selected Publications

Antitrust Law

1. Xianjue LUO, On the Evolution of the Remedy Model for Software Tying: from Hiding, Deleting to Choice Screen, Science Technology and Law(KE JI YU FA LV), Vol.90, No.2, 2011
2. Xianjue LUO, A Comparative Study of US, EU, South Korean and Japanese Microsoft Cases—In the Perspective of Defining and Regulating Abuse of Dominant Position in Software Industry, Hebei Law Science(HE BEI FA XUE), Vol.28, No.12, 2010
3. Xianjue LUO, Lessons for China from the EU Microsoft Case Decision, Electronic Intellectual Property(DIAN ZI ZHI SHI CHAN QUAN), No.8, 2010
4. Yu ZHANG and Xianjue LUO, Antitrust Analysisi of Reverse Payment Related to Patent Litigation Settlement, Journal of Beijing Vocational College of Politics and Law(BEIJING ZHENG FA ZHI YE XUE YUAN XUE BAO), No.4, 2009
5. Xianjue Luo and Yan CHEN, Rethinking the Basic Relationship between Intellectual Property and Antimonopoly, Studies in Dialectics of Nature(ZI RAN BIAN ZHENG FA YAN JIU), Vol.28, No.5, 2012
Intellectual Property

1. Fenglin YIN and Xianjue LUO, European and US Parallel Import Rules Related to Trademark and Construction of Chinese relevant Regimes, Intellectual Property(ZHI SHI CHAN QUAN), No.1, 2011
2. Fenglin YIN and Xianjue LUO, Climate Change, Technology Transfer and International Intellectual Protection, Science Technology and Law(KE JI YU FA LV), Vol.89, No.1, 2011
3. Fenglin YIN and Xianjue LUO, The UK Licence Promise Rule and Its Lessons for China, Electronic Intellectual Property(DIAN ZI ZHI SHI CHAN QUAN), No.10, 2010
4. Suqin TANG and Xianjue LUO, The Impact of Biomedical Research on the American Universities’Patenting and Licensing, Studies in Dialectics of Nature(ZI RAN BIAN ZHENG FA YAN JIU), Vol.26, No.10, 2010
5. Jiarong ZhANG and Xianjue LUO, Rethinking the Protection of Applied Art Works by China, Electronic Intellectual Property(DIAN ZI ZHI SHI CHAN QUAN), No.12, 2009
6. Xianjue LUO, Trademarkability of Industrial Design and Its Economic Implications, Electronic Intellectual Property(DIAN ZI ZHI SHI CHAN QUAN), No.5, 2008
7. Xianjue Luo and Fenglin YIN, Some Impacts of Cloud Computing on Intellectual Property Protection, Intellectual Property(ZHI SHI CHAN QUAN), No.4, 2012

Internet law 

Xianjue LUO and Yu ZHANG, Search Engine Marketing and the Protection of Consumers’ Rights, Consumer Economics(XIAO FEI JING JI), Vol. 25, No.6

Criminal Law 

Xianjue Luo, Evaluating Nearly 30-year Anticorruption Based on Work Report by Supreme People’s Procuratorate of PRC, Journal of National Prosecutors College(GUO JIA JIAN CHA GUAN XUE YUAN XUE BAO), Vol. 18, No.1, 2010